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Pompy's animal magnetism and other mysteries

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pwbike, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. So, each time I go on a ride that PompyPompy leads we have at least one animal encounter :)
    In the past it's mainly been cows, and this has been udderly delightful :)

    Today we had a new species, the Echidna :)
    Bombing along somewhere in South Gippsland and a dark blob appears on the road ahead, PompyPompy slows and I too slow down, a little echidna waddles across the road, much to our delight and also the occupants of a car coming the other way that PompyPompy waved down to avoid squashing the spiny pedestrian.
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    Haha that was my first thought when I saw it, glad the little critter got across the road, that car didn't look like they saw it, got a thank you wave from the person in the back.

    Ohh and the plague of bugs along the coast, do they count?
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  3. Yes, a massive swarm of Hoverflies threatened to bring our ride to a halt at Inverloch, but the combined power of Honda and BMW was enough to overthrow them and we were able to continue after an intensive visor cleaning session.
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  4. lol great thread!
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  5. Well I am a handsome man......
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  6. I have trouble with birds too.......
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  7. I'm now thinking of the Rob Schneider Animal movie
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  8. :D
  9. Shame ..if that was me i would have echinapped the lil fella and smuggle it back home in the kriega .. new friends for the bunnies perhaps :p
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  10. And there I was trying to avoid a puncture.....
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  11. I wasn't sure I had room in the back box for the cat chasey wand thing I bought at pet barn; cashier and I had a giggle at the thought of dangling it out the back and getting home with a trail of cats chasing along behind me... :D
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  12. I had an Echidna stop right in front of me. It looked at me as if to say "Just wait there idiot, I was here first" before it slowly continued on it's way.
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  13. By about 100 Million years... ;)
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  14. On that particular ride, a few years ago now, I had an idiot car driver try to kill me and my son (he was pillion) 2 minutes from home. We had a Jack Russell run from a farm drive on to the road in front us, 3 lots of cattle across the road, a mob of Kangaroos decide it was their road, 2 emus who wanted to race with us, a Wedge Tail eagle take off from eating road kill (it seemed like it was inches from us but the reality was it was a good few yards away) then this bloody Echidna. My wife, who was following from a safe distance, thought it was hilarious that it seemed nature was out to get me that day.
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  15. Monotremes are pretty cool. I just love that when the first platypus specimens reached London, the zoologists all thought that they were a hoax.
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  16. I always imagined them to be heaps bigger. Was startled at the size of the tank at Taronga....
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  17. On the way to our meet up point at Pips in North Richmond I saw a small rabbit run across the road in front of me, there was no traffic about and I slowed in case whatever was chasing it crossed right in front of me, but I saw nothing. Then A few hundred meters up the road I saw a fox run across the road, But I'm sure is was too far away to have know about the rabbit. I slowed again in case whatever was chasing it crossed right in front of me, there have been rumours of a very large black cat something like a panther roaming the bushland behind Penrith. Later on our ride a cockatoo swooped at me straight along the road, must have been a friend of Gavin and doesn't know a Kwaka from a Ducati. And snakes, lots of snakes upturned Silver and Red ones.
  18. I must admit that when I first saw this thread title about Pompy, this was the first thing that came to mind:

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  19. I wonder how many times uncle greguncle greg has been here hoping it was a thread about beastiality......
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