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Pommy's top ten Safe Riding Tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pommygit, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Well theyre not really mine but I found this on a website and thought id post it for all to scrutinise.

    You can view the webpage here http://motorcycles.about.com/od/msftrainingandsafety/p/saferidingtips.htm

  2. some good advise there
    we should take the time to read it and then put it to play when riding
  3. yeah well I suppose you could print it off and put a tick box next to each one and tick them off as you go
  4. 11) Beware of falling tree branches. At night these can be difficult to see, so launching big wheelies is a valuable tool in illuminating things above the normal range of your headlights.
  5. Just in case anyone gets confused by this one, it's an american article, substitute lefts for rights.
  6. Definately some great points. As far as assuming people can't see you, this couldn't be more true. I drive a big bright yellow/green truck through the day and people seem to find it hard enough seeing that let alone a bike.

    Cheers Tom
  7. All good tips but why does it sound like a lecture from my mother?
  8. 3b)
    Assume all vehicles are spring-loaded death traps,
    poised, ready to launch toward you from any given direction,
    even those the defy the laws of physics.

    Everything is easy once you accept this principle. :wink: :)
  9. I dunno is your mums name Walter Kern?
  10. bwahahahahhahahaahaa :LOL: :LOL:

  11. Loz should there be a warning about boobs too??? I think thats the single most common thing thats made me almost crash so far...
  13. Really? i didn't know that.....i thought two wheels less traction so takes longer....(i don't know anything).

    I really liked those pointers though....especially bout the cars turning right....that's deadly
  15. Yeah must admit im not a fan of the speed up to get away theory either. If anyone ever talegates me, I either try to switch lanes or pull over to the side and slow down to let him pass.

    I found another good website with info on safety http://www.dor.mo.gov/mvdl/drivers/motorman/part2.htm they have this to say on tailgaters which I would agree with

  16. ..cos both (writer and mom) have your safety in their mind(s)... ;)

    Personally I adopt the 'nobody can see you' approach, makes riding an exercise of practising mindfulness and makes forgiving the rest of the driverkind easier..