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Pommey Biker Vlog begins

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by POMMEYBIKER, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Hey all

    Just a quick one as I have been mucking around with social media and edits all day long. Just letting you know the first video is up and there is more in the pipes! If you can help me upload in 1080p (For some reason youtube turned my HD vid into 360p) that would be awesome!

  2. I think when you upload a new vid it can take some time for it to convert to 1080p, confirmed that I can see 1080p on your page.
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  3. Thanks wolf! FYI: a second video was uploaded today! ^_^

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  4. New Bike Check is up!

  5. These vlogs are awesome! Thanks. I just picked up my first ever motorbike today! I drove it back through mosman and over the bridge to newtown. Nerve wracking but wasnt so bad in the end. I'll definitely be going to the sydney learners thing - although...I might need to do some practice first! The tennis ball swerve looks full on. The not looking down thing is going to take some getting used to. The rush hour one was great as well. Thanks heaps and keep them coming.
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  6. Thanks Davey boy for the words of confidence. It really does help me to keep on going with good feedback such as this! If theres anything I can help with (as you start riding), let me know, I will be happy to meet up and do some rides with you. Even to grab a coffee. We can meet up at Sydney learners if you want to. Just let me know!