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Polyglaze Waterless Wash.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Seany, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Just used it to clean the bike after leaving it to collect dust in the shed for 3.5 weeks, It works a treat! :grin: Would be ideal for mid week tidy up etc.. to save excessive hosing of the bike. $8 bottle is intended for cars so will last ages for the bike.

  2. I use the Polyglaze Touch Up Shine I think it's called. Not too bad, seems to work great for the windshield and visor, bugs and all come straight off. I just wish it came in a smaller bottle so I could more easily carry it around!
  3. armourall wash and wax best for me, rinse use armourall, buff, then mr sheen lol
  4. How does it work? Spray on, leave to soak then wipe off?
  5. Spray on, immediadly wipe over with a cloth to pick up the dirt then buff dry with another cloth. That's why I posted it, quick and easy way to clean the bike without giving it a proper wash. :)
  6. I have always used mr sheen for the clean and polish in one go .... bike never sees a bath (except for when its raining) .... i see it as kinda fitting as its a pommy bike and we all know how pommies feel about baths
  7. I just use one of those microfibre mitts, works well enough on the plastic work with just a little bit of water (plus it's easy to take with me on rides). Course the fact I polish the bike every few months helps, other than that I don't use any chemicals/detergents on the paintwork.
  8. Did the "Waterless Wash" scratch your paint tho?

    I've heard bad reports about it scratching paintwork becuase of dirt etc on the vehicle (car/bike etc)....
  9. Nope. Not at all, but then there could be half an inch of wax on it. I do it pretty regularly. :grin:

    The bike was only dusty, if it was particularly dirty I wouldn't advice using it.