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Polyamorous man caught speeding on his gfs bike....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. with his other gf on the back... while his wife baked cookies with the kids... :?

    :LOL: :eek: :shock:

  2. Suzuki huh?
  3. it's neck and neck for the title of biggest moron. the girl who payed for her new mans 17k motorcycle, or the girl riding in shorts and a singlet at 200+ km/h. (though she might not of had much choice in the speed they were doing.)
  4. chix in halter tops @250kmh = sexy
  5. Its funny you posted in this thread, my first reaction to reading this was to ask you how your trip to Toronto was... :LOL:
  6. I have a hard time believing this article. The so called "evidence" doesn't add up...

    ...a slowuzki going over 130km/h ! Ha, I'd like to see that :cool:

  7. How does a woman stupid enough to buy a motorcycle on $17,000 credit for a NEW boyfriend have a high enough paying job to get such a card limit?
  8. Seeing as unemployed people can get $10,000 limit cards, it needn't be a high paying job to get that :)
  9. I don't suppose anyone has her phone number do they?

    Id be in the market for a new bike and all I have to do is shag a bird for a few weeks ? I can manage that.

    I guess my first question should be.... is her father a big man?
  10. I'm just curious as to why the wife was backing cookies; what race were they running in?

    {j/k, eswen, I know you meant baked..... :LOL:}
  11. these credit card limits bewilder me.. I couldnt even get a bank loan 4 $3k.. That alone a credit card. I guess maybe because Ive always been a student.
  12. Amex just offered me a 50k limit card....after a few years ago they cancelled my card (with around $500 owing at the time) as I was 2 months late with the payment. (Out of the country at the time, thought it was paid up, but it wasn't).

    Who knows how credit card companies work?
  13. he's gotten himself 3 girlfriends and swindled $17k out of at least one of them!?! Get me his details fast - i wanna employ him as my head of sales & marketing :LOL:
  14. re: $$$$ limit on cards... dont forget we are talking canadian dollars :)