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Polly 'P' Plate 1, Incitatus 0

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Oh well, I just had to happen again sometime, Incitatus went down.

    I was filtering through stationary traffic on a two lane road, when I came to a gap too small to get through and settled on the right lane. I came to rest with Polly 'P' plate to my left, and a bus, in a bus 'bay' to her left. We are all now sitting stationary, contemplating the meaningful questions of the Universe, waiting for the lights to change.

    The bus driver turns on his indicator to let the world know that when the traffic starts to move again he is coming out. Unfortunately Polly 'P' plate sees the indicator and without a glance, immediately moves into the right lane exactly at the spot occupied by my stationary R1150R and it's gobsmacked rider, down we went.

    No injury except an aching wrist where it was trapped between the bars and Polly's Mirage. Damage is, bars, one lever, one indicator, one oil cooler shroud, and one very expensive stainless steel muffler. Polly got out and immediately burst into tears.

    Well what can a bloke do when a girl young enough to be his daughter is bawling her eyes out in front of him? All thoughts of the ruthless application of invective and expletives evaporated, and I spent the next five minute convincing her I was ok, and that they probably wouldn't send her to Singapore with a sealed bag for her sins.

    Documents were exchanged, and poor innocent Polly was persuaded to break Rule No 1, and sign a hastily scrawled admission of liability. Details of three witnesses, including the bus driver, were also taken and we went our merry way. A quick call to 'Mr. BMW', and it looks like its bout $2.5k's worth, about half of which is the muffler. Bugger.....Bugger.....Bugger
  2. You're OK though Inci, and thats the main thing.
  3. [sarcasm]

    See??? This is why we need to ban lanefiltering!!!


    Seriously though dude, sorry to hear about the off. All insured and sorted I presume?
  4. Glad your OK mate.

    Dont tell the geniuses trying to outlaw filtering, they'll just use this as further proof for their point.

    as voyager said, main thing is your OK.
  5. could have been a cyclist, a pedestrian, or another car - she didn't look before pulling out. Bad luck mate, hope it all gets sorted out.
  6. Hey Jono, it happened at the lights on Great Eastern Highway heading west, at the junction with Belmont Ave. Insurance is all set, and all parts are in stock. Should be up and running in about a week. Looks like I'll be caging it for a while though, as the starter solenoid in my R60/6 is currently on compassionate leave.
  7. Thats not the friendliest intersection in heavy traffic due to the slope.
  8. Hey Voyager, is your Road Star metallic green? I see one most days on Gt Eastern.
  9. As long as you are ok, and she is insured then that's both major things covered.

    Glad to hear you aren't hurt :)

    Now... if you had an onboard toilet on the piper you could dump it over her place for pay back ;)
  10. I can PROMISE you its not mine... be one HELL of a commute from Melbourne to Belmont each day...
  11. incitatus my concept of lane spliting is to get to the absolute front to enable you to take off at the light change and have no cages around you, putting yourself in the midst of a bunch of cages is not ideal, i prefer to wait behind them if i dont think ill fit.
  12. True.

    Note* [must read profile before touching keyboard].

    But is it green? Maybe I can score 1 out of 2? 50% is still a pass.
  13. yeah, there's green on it, its a two-tone. You can see what I mean in this pic.
  14. Very nice. My mate Steve Riley used to own Highway Yamaha in Midland, and I got to play with all the new toys. He loaned me a Road Star for a month or so when I was between bikes. I loved it. It actually handled very well in a most un-cruiser like way. Of course it ran out of ground clearance quite quickly, which is real pity because I reckon it could easily dice it with the best of 'em otherwise. I believe the exhaust on your's is non-standard? I bet is sounds sweeeeet. :)
  15. I live in Freo, work in Cottesloe but i know that area well. I've had a couple of interesting lane splits round there myself (mainly from my own stupidity i must admit, note - trucks are big).

    You cant help but almost feel sorry for the poor girl, as she was obviously truly shocked. I guess its not so bad when its a genuine mistake and they are appologetic, so long as noone gets. Its when they start abusing you for filtering that it gets nasty.
  16. Wow Inci, your timing is incredible.

    Bad luck. Well done on getting the signature, and glad you were unharmed.
  17. Yep, V&H 2-in-1... very sweet sound indeed. Actually from what I know, the initial touchdown on them is quite early, but its only the boards, and there is actually quite a lot left before it hits something more substantial. Check out this pic for a Roadie touching down. Quite impressive. Must fit some magnesium studs to the boards for some REAL flare when they hit.
  18. Sorry to hear Inci, least your ok...
  19. That sucks, makes you wonder why the driver didn't think it was odd that there was a gap between cars in the right lane before moving into it. Good to hear you're okay and that the bike's fixable.
  20. Not really, 'bike blindness' has been the cause of almost every off I've had in 40 years of riding. That was the logic behind the whole compulsory lights-on thing, I can't understand why people opposed that.

    With regard to filtering, in this case I was doing so legally, as the traffic was stationary, but that is irrelevant anyway, as I had pulled into the RH lane, and was just sitting there stationary like everybody else when she hit me. I don't believe that linking this 'off' with filtering, (or the current thread on that subject), is valid in any way, it was 'bike blindness', pure and simple.