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Polly 'P' Plate 1, Incitatus 0 [update]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. First the good news.

    QBE have approved repairs as a 'no-fault' claim which they will recover from Polly's insurer. It seems that the muffler on my R1150R is a 'take-apart' compound design, with an outer heat-shield 'sleeve' which is the only muffler part that needs replacing, bringing the total damage bill to around $1800 from $2500. All the parts are in stock at the BMW dealer, and the paintwork is unmarked. The bike will be ready by friday. I just love BMW service, not the cheapest sure, but really really good.

    Now the bad news.

    My left wrist is broken, so I won't be riding the bike on friday, or on the next few fridays either. It didn't hurt too much at the time of the 'off', but by the evening it was was huge, and very very painfull. An x-ray showed a fracture of the wrist. I now have my left hand in a cast and can't ride at all. Thanks Polly :cry:
  2. jeez, that is the bummest of bum luck, old mate.

    I hope it heals quickly, you can't miss too much of this glorious riding weather.... :)
  3. Ack...broken wrists suck :(

    Bad luck dude, at least the bikes being sorted.

    I'm amazed someone hasn't come up with a gauntlet with a full polymer/aluminium/hard kevlar/carbon wrist brace in it (or if they have I haven't seen one)

    ...maybe we should all be riding around with those Muay Thai rope bindings on our arms :p
  4. Sorry to hear the wrist news.
    But at least your bike is okayish;-)
  5. Ouch! I broke mine in March... it still hurts... I'm feeling for ya bro.

    In hindsight is there anything different you could have done to have avoided the brain dead polly incident?? Not casting dispersion... just on the hunt for more roadcraft tips...


  6. A good question Rob, and one that has been exercising my brain a lot since the incident. I’m not sure what I could have done to avoid it as I was stationary at the time. The only thing I can think of is maybe every time you pull up next to a stationary car you try and make eye contact with the driver. If you can’t make eye contact then sound the horn to get their attention? It seems a real pain, but I just never expected to be bowled over when stationary, in stationary traffic.
  7. Inci, were you level with the front wheel or out infront with the car either immed behind or to the side...?

    When I know someone's is filtering behind me, I pull forward and infront of the front car to let the other guy have a chance to get to the front too...

    If there are many more polly's out there... being this considerate could end in tears one day.


  8. Bad luck about the broken wrist Inci.

    Here's hoping it's not too long a wait for you.

    All the best

    *proud of myself for avoiding obvious wrist gags*

  9. I was to the left of the centerline, with my head roughly in line with Polly's. Thinking about it, I might have been ok if I had been to the right of the centerline, as Polly moved right, saw me, and decked me, all in about 1 second. If I had been to the right, she might have seen me as she moved, but before hitting me. The reason I was to the left was to position myself to resume filtering when the lights changed and a gap opened up.
  10. good news on the bike
    good news that you only got out with a few minor injurys

    now get the beemer over to my place and i will keep running it in for you will you are off the road ,
    between me , craig and midnight i am sure we can do some real quaity assurance testing on the repairs :LOL:
  11. Bummer, as they say in the classics.

    Is it all sorted with TAC?
  12. He's from Perth, unfortunately TAC doesnt apply (unless polly was driving a Vic Registered car).

    But it's a good question, does your CTP scheme in WA cover you for your medical expenses or has "Polly left you without a cracker"? :p
  13. Yes is the simple answer. Here it's the State Insurance Commision, via rego payments that provide the cover. The real irony in this, is that I bought the R1150R with 'pain and suffering' money from the SIC, from when I got T-boned by a 4WD on my Triumph Sprint RS less than two years ago.
  14. Yeah, good news on the Bike, bad news on the wrist, hope it's a "simple" break, and not a complicated one that needs heaps of work.

    Dunno really that anything could be done differently, someone not looking could get you whatever you do :cry:

    Bugger the beemer, I wanna give his "company vehicle" a bit of a going over :wink: ... Hey, I've used a flight sim on the pooter... how hrd could it be :LOL:

  15. Might even add a bit of bling bling to make it go faster :LOL:
  16. Well I've got my bike back, good as new and ready to ride. Unfortunately I'm still not ready though, as I don't lose the cast on my wrist until after Christmas. Should be back on the road around new year though, with just a lttle luck. The weather here is perfect, I'm not at work, my bike is sitting there all polished and shiny, and I'm frustrated as hell that I can't ride.....bloody Polly :x
  17. Condolences bud, I'm sure plenty of us will have a ride for you in the meantime. Good to hear the beemer's been restored to her former glory and I'm sure perfect weather isn't all THAT uncommon over there...
  18. Well I'm back on the road at last. I rode the R1150R on the weekend for the first time since the accident, and it was bliss! I think I was then a bit over-enthusiastic though, as when it came time to ride to work this morning I decided to give the R60/6 a burl. Big mistake, the cable clutch takes a fair pull, and by the time I got to work the old wrist was telling me what a retard I had been for not riding the R1150R with it's feather light hydraulic clutch. It's bloody great to back on a bike though, I really missed it bad. In another week or so I should be back flying too, when the aviation sawbones signs me off as fit.
  19. Good to hear you're almost mended :)
  20. woo-hoo, a fully-fit incitatus, watch out world (and P platers) :grin: