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Poll: would you pay for/buy an old school custom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. So after many years of riding all sorts of bikes Im getting to the stage of having a bike that suits my need as opposed to my wants hence the dues ex project bike I built a while ago. The question to all you riders out there 250s plus the big boys would you be happy to ride a small cc bike if it looked cool but wasnt really meant to go fast. Im looking at building bikes in the low cc range and keeping day to day cost rego ,fuel,chains,tyres down because all those things add up at the end of the dayand the small cc bikes are cheaper on those things. What are ya thoughts any and all feedback will be taken personally so it better be good or really well sugar coated. P

  2. Since you're concerned about day to day practicalities such as costs, the massively wide handlebars might not be such a great idea.

    And it might be the pic but it looks like the engine would be rubbing on the tarmac + lack of ground clearance.

    Looks nice though.
  3. Riding on that to work would make you the coolest person in the suburb instantly, but i would have another bike/car as well simply cause of the wide handle bars and the attention you would get but if you like the attention go for it :cool:
  4. Me and a few people i know where thinking of doing something similar.
    Same process as dues ex but cheaper.
    Im assuming Northern beaches in Syd?
  5. The pic was for ideas only not strictly that bike but along those lines. Its more about comfort with unique styling daily ridability and cost effectiveness and without a dought coolness, just sick of all the generic stuff out there especially in the low cc bracket. Yeh zbike along the same lines as deus but like ya said affordable style and its sydney northern beaches, wat ya building at the moment Im loving my deus/jap rip off bike just wat ive been loking for. P
  6. i like the looks of that one on display
  7. I spent 8 yrs hand building road reg sports cars for the road.

    Good luck with the ADR's.

    I stopped because it wasn't enough to meet the rules.
    You had to be able to PROVE you could meet the rules.
    Enter cubic dollars of proof.

    I reckon something around the 650-800 cc capacity is the mark though.
    all the image, and enough go.
  8. Low cost and smaller CC customs are very cool. I would seriuosly consider a 400 or 650 custom, a 2fiddy is just too gutless.

    I am looking at doing my own ol' skool cafe/custom bike shortly and will probably get something around a 600 to 750 to base it on.

    Mate will be it be tough to build a custom and a business around it? Yep, but hey if it is your passion give it a go! :cool: :cool:
  9. Don't know how much money Deus are making, bikes are not cheap, for what they are. Their bikes are cool, but for me, I'd want at least one, but probably two bikes before I'd get something small cc to just cruise around on.

    As Matti said, 500-650cc might broaden the appeal a bit and still be LAMS legal and broaden your market to someone who just wants one bike, as opposed to a Cruiser, they could look at one of your old school Cafe Racers :cool:
  10. I think it would be a good idea, I would love a custom Cafe Racer style bike. I know in SA, anything 600cc or under is the same cost to register, which would keep costs down a bit, if you go over that it moves up to the next, more expensive, bracket.
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  12. Unfortunately history has proven that both small capacity bikes and single cylinder bikes don't sell that well.

    That might change with lams, however. The DR650 engine would make a good starting point for a project, as would the GS500.
  13. Awsome. This is my latest project (some of u may have seen it in other treads or on sydney rides)


    Was thinking of making a package to convert GPX'x using mine as a protottype when its finshed. The photo is a bit out of date its painted with diffrent exhusts on it atm. However not running as i blew the engine. On the uopside it only took $100 in parts dollars to slap that front end on there.

    let me know if u wana take it up serously. Me and my mate own a little bike fairing repair place and i know some bored mechanics and boilmakers that would jump at the chance to do something.
  14. The whole small cc bike thing came about after I built the dues ex bike. I wasnt that sure if it was going to cut the mustard but with a change on the rear sprocket down a few teeth the thing is just what ya need if ya getting around and not that concerned with blast of speed off the lights. I just wana make a cool old school bike that will be cheap on tyres fuel rego etc that everyone can ride be it full liscence or P platers that aint gonna cost ya dues ex shop prices. Im gonna do it just gotta find the right bike to start with that is easy to get parts for kinda like a dime a dozen bike. I would like a few peeps to ride my dues bike and see what they think if 250 cc is really to small for a A to B kinda bike. P
  15. I really like the idea.
    The main thing is the look not the performance for retro bikes.

    A modified little 250 trail bike could look as good and actually go a little quicker than those 500cc Royal Enfields.