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Poll: Would you give SOBIL a bike? | Wanted: Bike

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by SOBIL, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    As you all probably know im down a bike. I have faced the fact that a pretty sportsbike is not a very good idea for me. This is where my wanted comes in. I'm looking for any small road registerable bike for a project. I am preferably after somthing japanese, not running, run down, ugly. Im not stessed if its a sports, road or trail, single, twin, tripple, or four. complete is prefered but not essential.

    This is the perfect opertunity to get rid of that pile of crap that the other half is nagging you to get rid of and has been for the last few years.

    Im not really interested in anything ready to ride as im still a bit off getting back on the bike atm, so a project is really what im after.

    Im will pay for what its worth and i will pick it up with the littlest fuss to you.

    edit: JAP to japanese
  2. By JAP do you mean something Japanese or something built by the British manufacturer JAP? :p
  3. C'mon guys, give the guy a break, we all did stupid things when we were young (some of us still do)
  4. I think J A Prestwitch was a bit before Simon's time (and most of the rest of our time too.)
    Simon, if I had a project bike I'd cetainly be happy for you to have it and complete it.
    Why don't you contact;
    Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers
    23 Euston Rd
    Alexandria 2015
    NSW Australia

    Phone: + 61 02 9565 5788
    Fax: + 61 02 9565 4177

    and see what they might have
  5. The other alternative is ebay. There are always some resto projects going there and some of them are real cheap. Some older bikes with a bit of character too.

    Just a thought.
  6. Sorry dont have a bike for u sobil,
    but if i had a hunkashit in my back yard
    i'd gladly give it to ya
  7. What an unsympathetic bunch we appear to be...only 6 people who wouldn't give him an old bike if they had one to spare, and 13 who wouldn't...I am disappointed.
  8. or perhaps try something a little more local like heidleberg wreckers on mulgla road or whatever it is. Im very good at getting people lost trying to find it if you need directions?
  9. "old bike ... to spare" sorry, does not compute.

  10. Thats what Im having issues with. Have the perfect bike for him, just dont know if I can part with it :?
  11. Hey, I just noticed...your bike is a 1979 model, surely that's old enough!!!
  12. Hmmm I just picked up another CBX250.... I WAS going to use it as spare parts for my wifes bike... but since the bike is in such a good condition I was thinking of making IT a project bike... For a right price I can hand ball it of to you with the right bits to make it scrub up to RWC...
  13. Cause he's in Melb!
  14. Don't know sobil personally but from what I've read he needs to learn some respect for his bike before it kills him! Maybe getting a replacement bike the hard way will teach him to respect it!
  15. So So true, but you do realise that this is the hard way.... I could easily go and get another bike, but this is much harder. If you'd like to come round i can show you what i mean. Can you please bring a ball hone as my tripple plate aint up to scratch. Also a couple of packs of 1500 wetodry, and some plasti-bond. Also try and chase up some front discs and a ring set. Are you good with carbies, coz im not, so i got a bit to learn about them.

    I think its less about respect of the bike, but more so respect of the value of my own life, and the value of my life to other people, as littlle as it may be to me and most others, i know that if i top myself on the bike then there will at least be a handfull of people that might be a tad upset, I think i should respect these people most..

  16. there's plenty of bikes to go around, i've got 3 to pick from ranging in years and cc's

    1972 cb200 twin - blown ring/piston? - is complete with spares $300

    1976 cb750 sohc - motor not running - is 99% complete - no exhaust $700

    1982 cb750F2c dohc - complete & running, has original fairing, needs paint & motor needs camchains - very rattly - buy a boldor and never look back $1300

    anything later i'd go for the trading post, most bikes are overpriced on eBay so keep away unless the bikes are viewable

    the cb200 & cb750f2c should be in the gallery section under cool bikes - honda - have a look.
  17. Hmmm be right there... ow and I think I found a Front disk for you... though I'm soure as what year and model is yours... so I don't know if it is the right one... PM me or something...
  18. He's on a restricted licence all of 10 minutes old!
  19. Sobil you hang in there mate!!! I don't have a bike to give away, altough I would trade my viagro for say 1100+ cruiser :) Keep your head up! See ya on the rides, hope soon!!!
  20. No longer requiring another bike at this stage, thanks all for your support.
    by the sounds of those bikes it would take me more than the 330 so days to put together.... ;)
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