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[POLL] What would you honestly do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by generalyuehfei, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. No way it is their problem if they are breaking the law

  2. No, I'll wait for a rider to pass so the police car pulls him over and I can continue carving throug

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  3. Yes - saved < 3 riders this year

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  4. Yes - saved 3-5 riders this year

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  5. Yes - saved > 5 riders this year

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  1. If you see a police vehicle ahead of you and the road you are travelling commonly has the emergency lane used by motorbikes (not necessarily yourself) or otherwise lane split if illegal in your state.

    Do you remain in the left lane a few cars behind the police car to warn other riders? If so, how many times have you saved a fellow rider this year?

    This question is generally bound for peak hour traffic conditions although the Yes answers can relate to other times of the day in similar situations.
  2. Well, I'm not sure I can answer the question in its present form.
    Y'see, to me there is a big difference between using the emergency lane and regular lane-splitting.
    To me, properly conducted FILTERING doesn't cause a problem or inconvenience any other road user. But using the emergency lane? Well a bike might not block it to emergency vehicles, but it's very likely to tempt cars into following you!
    I think I might warn a splitter, but I don't think I would want to encourage emergency lane use.
  3. I wouldn't help them by alerting them of the police.
    The emergency lane is used for an EMERGENCY

    Flat tyre, broken down car etc
    There has been many people injured and some killed, here and in the states, by people ILLEGALY using the emergency lane.

    :evil: :twisted:

    Many freeways have 2-4 lanes, pick another if you want to split.

  4. Once I spotted the cops, I lay the bike down into the car in front of me, quickly jump to my feet, turn around and run, slow motion towards the lane-splitting ride approaching shouting 'NOOOOOOOOOOO' with the theme music to The Bodygaurd playing. I'd pull them off their bike and carry them in my arms to safety.

    Thats what I call saving a rider.

  5. Riding in the emergency lane is a no no. It's where cars pull into when their engine stops, and as such they may well not give way to bikes as they coast into the lane.

    Besides, the lane is full of bolts, screws, nails and assorted bits that have fallen off cars and trucks and been washed into the lane. Really good for tyres!

    I've made my views clear before, if you do something illegal, you'd better have good enough obs to see the cops before they see you. No warnings from this little black duck! :)
  6. Emergency lanes are as they state; they've for emergency vehicles. Repetitive use of these lanes by anyone other than them has the potential to endanger lives, and draw unnecessary attention to the offenders. If in this case it's motorcyclists, then that's just one more reason for other motorists to hate us and applaud anti-bike legislation. On the other hand, that then gives the flaggelation brigade further opportunity to come on here and whine about how hard-done-by we all are :p
  7. Screw 'em - if they're breaking the law, bad luck. Why on earth would you warn them? Out of some sort of misguided sense of camaraderie?

  8. oh and buses and taxis :)
  9. Shish...I did'nt realize there were so many anti-social people on Bikes.
  10. But they're really called "Emergency Stopping Lanes". Does that mean only emergency vehicles can stop in them?
  11. I would have to agree with you. I thought the responses may have been more favourable.
  12. I would probably be the bloke you where going to warn although I NEVER use the emergency lane :grin: :cool:
  13. I would vote differently, IF they were splitting and speeding AND NOT in the emergency lane

    But the emergency lane is MENT to be a safe zone.
  14. antisocial? bah humbug. Riding in the emergency lane is the antisocial behaviour.
  15. I actually see many more car drivers using emergency lanes out of impatience than bikers. Us bikers can just lanesplit.
  16. as far as the moral highground goes, i normally slip off the edge and end up on the low side most of the time :p but i reckon using the emergency lane is dodgy and i don't do it, why not just lane split?
  17. i will warn other riders, just by waving my left hand in the air like a siren if theyre smart enough theyll slow down.
    bikes have got to stick together.. heck. i even warn hardly riders/. :grin:
  18. Exactly what I did this morning for a rider and felt real good about it...

    Definitely do not advocate speeding in the EL or whilst splitting - but using it at a safe speed when traffic is at a standstill on a motorway. Definition of a safe speed is approx 50km/h to which you can easily stop or manoevre the bike - back in the lane when blind spot corners come up in case someone is stationary in the lane...
  19. ...umm - it's got nothing to do with being anti-social. Just not interested in condoning illegal or dangerous behaviour.

    Is that so bad?
  20. Yeah i would look out for a fellow rider, regardless i suppose. :grin: