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VIC Poll: Should the MRAV pursue filtering or bicycle lanes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Legalised bicycle lane usage.

    7 vote(s)
  2. Legalised traffic filtering.

    90 vote(s)
  1. In light of the bicycle lane thread it seems opinion is divided on bicycle lane usage and the bicycle lobby is extremely well organised and will always defeat a disorganised motorcycle lobby.
    So do we think it would be a better option if our so called motorcycle lobby should pursue something most of us really believe shoud be legalised and that is filtering/splitting?

  2. I've already said my piece, but just to stamp it in hard: legalise filtering. :nail:
  3. They will make the decision at the next AGM once they consult with the majority of the riders that they "represent"

    All 30 of Melbourne's riders will turn up, eat pizzas and vote on whether they should push for filtering or not :p

    Seriously, they have been so ineffective over the last 10 years I'm surprised anyone still clings to a hope that they can actually make a difference.
  4. Well, if you are going to turn up to lend a hand or have a say, they'll have to order 2 more pizzas.:p
    Have any other organisationsm inc NR done any better?

    Stop the gripe and do something constructive even if that means imposing your ideas.:-({|=
  5. Despite everything Vic wants us to believe, MRA has lobbied the Vic Govt on this subject.

    I have personally discussed it with Minister Pallas and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

    What is needed is a "groundswell" to give the subject some momentum. We all agree what we want - but it needs more voices. United voices would be a step in the right direction. To focus that voice from one source would be best - MRA is one point of focus - and a well known org by Govt, Joe Public etc.

    If you don't want to use the MRA as your focus - you can use it by talking to the MRA - you don't need to join - we will allow you to use us to achieve this end.

    You don't need to come to AGMs, all you need to do it to edify the "focal point" - and give it some credibility - so that it can attract attention.

    The MRA is there for all to use as their vehicle - its been around for a long time - love it or hate it - its there for you to use.

    I know that Vic will find this suggestion hard to swallow - get over the personalities issue - and get focussed on using the MRA - give it some punch - cos there isn't anything else out there to perform that role anywhere else - like it or not....
  6. pfft the Ground swells when 1000 bikes Ride into the cbd, or if it rains too much, neither is likely to happen so swelling ground is not an issue.
  7. Smee, I didn't vote here because it didn't allow my choice. If I was restricted to a choice of one or the other, or if it comes down to a priority of which we should pursue first, I would want filtering. But I want both because there are some roads where using a bike lane is a better choice. Similarly I would like the options of using bus lanes and tram lanes because sometimes it is simply the best/safest option.

    Wondering if the pizzas can be delivered though.
  8. Not being allowed to filter is absurd.
  9. Read John's comments, he wants a focal point yet chose to follow bike lanes as opposed to filtering.
    Filtering is a no brainer, we ALL want it yet it does not seem to be actively pursued.
  10. Bus lanes first, filtering second.

    I agree with Smee, trying to gain access to bicycle lanes is like getting into a punch-up with a brick wall. Access to bus lanes would save me a bugger-load of time on the morning commute (Eastern and Hoddle), and legalised filtering would hopefully give me a defence to crossing the solid white line at a red light.
  11. Brian,

    Netrider is A-Political, it was never designed to be a lobby group.
    Other orgs? No, no one has done anything better or constructive.

    Why stop the gripe? Am I not allowed to voice my dissatisfaction with the current lobby group? Or must we sugar coat everything because they are "trying" to make a difference?

    I have voiced my ideas to the MRAA many times over the years but it has fallen on deaf ears and I am always told that the "precious" constitution does not allow the org to change its ways and methods of operations.

    I DO NOT have the time to step up and make a difference, I work 2 jobs, run Netrider, am a husband and a father.

    I've heard it many times, "step up and make a change instead of having a whinge"
    Fact is I can't step up as my lifestyle does not allow it so I offer my ideas/views/resources but because of their constitution or because I do whinge, they are not interested in changing their ways.

    My gripe is that the board meets, discusses and makes decisions on behalf of every Victorian yet only consults the 30 or so members that turn up to their meetings.

    The org, if it is to have any clout needs to have buy-in from a lot more than 30 riders.
    It should be looking at having a rep from the major riding clubs as a mouthpiece back to the MRA.

    Only then can they say that they have consulted with the majority of Victoria's riders and this is the direction that they should be heading in.

    You cannot have an effective lobby group based on the ideas of only 30 members then purport to represent all of the ~140,000 Victorian riders.

  12. Look, if you're serious about getting filtering legalised, make sure you have your shit together. cause if you **** it up then it will no longer be a 'grey' area of the law and will become explicitly illegal. Actually, just leave things alone, I'm worried this is going to end up like the cycle lane fiasco, the TAC ad one too.
  13. It has nothing to do with personalities, it has everything to do with the org's inability to branch out and grow into a force that can be reckoned with.

    Again, 30 people at a meeting does not make a lobby group.

    You personally know my ideas and views, I've voiced them to you many many times but again because Detlef's precious constitution there is no scope for change.

    I don't dislike the people that are trying to make a difference, far from it.
    But I will kick the boots in when needed, after all, you do claim to represent me based on your ideas.
  14. Apparently last meeting ended up being a farcical argument between DC and JDK, real constructive stuff there fellas.
  15. I've re-read John's comments, and I don't think that's what he said. At all.

    I vote for filtering first, but that doesn't mean I don't want bike lanes pursued as well.
    I believe the question is how you go about getting filtering legalised. Firstly, we need access to advanced stop areas. you will never get filtering if you don't get that first. It's already on the PTW Strategy agenda and it needs the biggest push IMHO.
    Secondly, we need to quietly make sure the revisions to Section 141 (overtaking on the left) in the Federal road safety legislation get bedded down in Victoria. If we make a public fuss about this we may attract the malice if certain parties, so it needs to be done in the background IMO.

    Get those two conditions met, and you already have filtering. Ask for filtering as an stand-alone item to be given special dispensation and you will be knocking your head against a brick wall.

    Lastly, attendance at meetings is meaningless. Do you think Harry Barber listens to what anyone else in BV thinks? The right way to consult is to publicly ask for input, consider what comes back from those who care enough, and then do what you think is right.
  16. FFS gentlemen!
    This is the problem, too many competing opinions, egos and personalities.
    Haven't you guys heard of divide and conquer?

    Vic, I agree. The MRAA has been a week kneed bunch previously, but I will give them thier dues. They are the ONLY lot doing much at all.

    John, I agree, the MRAA has tried to do some good, but Vic has some points.
    You are not "representative" of all riders.

    OK boys now go to your rooms.
  17. I just still cant believe bicycles and pedestrians have better representation that motorcyclist? How did that happen?
  18. Virtually every household in Australia has at least one bicycle, that's how.

    Add to that the climate change issue, a green lobby (and media) that has campaigned on the basis that it can be solved simply by everyone switching to bicycles (ha!) and a public that now believes it.

    I actually don't believe cyclists have better representation. I just think they naturally have more appeal to politicians and bureaucrats. There is no downside for politicians to give BV what it wants. BV is financially successful because it runs recreational events that many people want to participate in, and because it runs an insurance business that is profitable (although potentially high risk). Essentially, they are a business that purports to represent most of the population on one issue, and it's in no-ones interest to challenge that.

    To suggest that Scruby has any support is ridiculous.
  19. I have never said "I" was representative of all riders.

    I wish people would stop focussing on individuals.

    So - what organisation should we choose to represent us all? That is the heart of the answer to the question.

    I wholeheartedly agree - let's get away from individual to individual fighting. Which organisation do we want? When we know that, then perhaps we can venture forward...

    Do we want to invent some new organisation that doesn't exist yet and that will take time to build its reputation - or do we want to go with a Brand name that already is recognised by Govt et al....
  20. One reason for putting pressure on the issue of bicycle lanes is because there is actually acknowledgement of filtering as a possibility.

    As yet bicycle lanes are not even on the agenda.

    From "Victoria’s Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers."

    Conduct research into both the road safety and transport impacts of road space management opportunities, such as lane filtering, advanced stop lines and use of bus and transit lanes to identify possible initiatives for trialling. This will include monitoring developments internationally.

    It's not about needing to push for filtering as such - it's about speeding up the process.