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[Poll] Netrider rider behaviour

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by v_quixotic, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. A libertine, take your cautious advice and...

  2. An indulgent, when I can get away with it...

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  3. A moderate, I take a balanced approach...

  4. A discrete, shhh the politicians are watching...

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  5. An Abstemoius, you lot should be ashamed...

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  1. There seems to be considerable dispute on this site with regard to how motorcyclists do and should behave:

    There are LIBERTINES who are happy for themselves and others to ride with open face helmets, split (or filter) lanes, break speed limits, wear less than the full complement of protective gear, and perform stunts including wheelstands and stoppies. These are the people who add the congratulatory notes and provide advice on how to improve these skills; and

    There are the ABSTEMIOUS who always wear full face helmets, never split lanes, obey all the traffic rules, and ride cautiously at all times. These are the people who prompt us to think of the consequences and remind us of the burden such behaviour can place on taxpayers

    Whenever threads appear recirculating the media's reports of riders travelling at extreme velocities, it is members of these two camps whose posts are the most numerous. This suggests that Netrider is a conflict riven society of extremists.

    But is this really the case? Or is there a more normal distribution of rider behaviour. This poll is designed to find out.

    To provide meaningful data, I have arbitrarily defined three intermediate positions:

    The INDULGENTS who temper their libertine tendencies, avoiding the most egregious transgressions and the medical and legal consequences thereof;

    The MODERATES who drink equal quantities from each cup, riding in a style that satisfies their desire for thrills and their sense of responsibility to themselves and the community; and

    The DISCRETES who, when pressed, admit to indulging in the occasional guilty pleasure while counselling caution and temperance to others.

    Perhaps surprisingly given my posting history, I'd classify myself as moderate :eek: and tread the middle path (as recommended by the Buddha), how about the rest of you?
  2. "happy for themselves and others to ride with open face helmets,"


    "split (or filter) lanes,"


    "break speed limits,"

    Only by 10km/h max on 80+

    "wear less than the full complement of protective gear,"

    Helmet Only (because it's required by law)

    "and perform stunts including wheelstands and stoppies."

    Nay.. just cruising

    So, voted for 'indulgent'
  3. Good poll idea!

    - Indulgent. Definately not a libertine but have at one stage or another enjoyed most of the silly acts described.
  4. definately an indulgent.

    happy for anyone to do just about anything as long as it dont hurt me, and occaisionally have a crack at it myself....
  5. Abstemoius, you're all b@stards who should be locked up. Seriously.

    J/k, indulgent :)

  6. *Wear Safety gear

    All ways even in over 40 degree heat, I wear full face helmet all the time. But i have no probs with others wearing open, up to them.

    *Dont Speed?

    WEll im guilty of doing 10km/hr over in the higher speed zones but not the very high speeds.

    *Split / Filter lane

    I filter, at stop lights with stationary vehicles, i dont split moving traffic
  7. I'm a discrete ATM. I follow pretty much all the rules. I break them when neccisary though.
  8. I'm sort of with Cruzzo, except that:

    * I think that splitting at speed is dangerous, but filtering in slow/ stopped traffic is OK. I don't filter yet, because I don't feel comfortable doing it, but Huzzah to those who do.

    * I personally wear full gear, even though I hate wearing long pants. Have no problems with others wearing less, it's their life, their choice.

    Does that make me indulgent or moderate?
  9. Probably an indulgent myself, just because I break traffic rules from time to time doesn't mean I don't think it's a stupid idea.
  10. I would say Moderate. There is a time and place for everything and I only ride as fast as I can see and judge.

    Speeding in restricted zones, not unless its to get out of trouble. Outside the CBD and country towns - I give it a 10km buffer and then I see how I feel. Gear - full leathers, or similar for hot weather riding, including full face. I don't like that people, particularly pillions wear thongs, shorts and singlets - it's just silly, I have seen the damage that can be caused by such an off - too much yukky blood - reaches for flame proof suit, but thats just me and I don't preach on it. Lane splitting - only in stationery traffic these days - but I don't commute anymore and have learned the value of patience, after all I ride for pleasure I shouldn't let stuff upset me - well not too much.
  11. Im an indulgent. I tend to exceed the speed limit but my bike makes me do it. Shes a naughyt girl.... Lane split where and when I can but only when traffic is stopped or crawling along and in Sydney thats all the time , thats one of the reasons I ride. Squid it every now and again (to the shops, gym) and have been known to pull a really crap wheelie every now and again.
  12. Simon, I think we're all a bit of each, and more, when the situation demands! What's the point of owning a fast bike if once at least when you own it you don't 'see what she'll do, mate'?

    On the other hand, seeing people taking risks with life and limb brings on an 'ouch, I hope he stays on' reaction.

    Me? I fudge a few kays on the highway limits, always wear draggins and jacket at least, and am learning not to expect other people to observe the same standards.
  13. :LOL: :LOL: Like the thread!

    I voted Indulgent.

    I split at speed & filter on a daily basis
    hardly eva under the limit
    Sometimes no leathers (depending on tempreture)
    & wheelies.. yeh I wish :LOL:
  14. I voted indulgent but am pretty mixed like most others

    Bit tardy on the speeding since I tend to travel at what feels right rather than the limit and don't mind a short high speed burst when no one is around

    Split stationary traffic pretty aggressively (ride to the city everyday)

    Don't generally split moving traffic due to lack of bike power but will weave tight gaps from lane to lane

    Love hitting 18+ kRPM (redline starts at 19k) for no apparent reason other than its fun

    Can do a crap stoppy on a hot road but traction is a problem

    Have pointless traffic light drags with sir_b on his gpx250 much to the amusement of onlookers and dudes on bigger bikes (FWIW now that I have my launch sorted B gets about a bike length with his quick takeoff on the twin whereas I have to ride the clutch out to match revs otherwise the 4cyl bogs but I beat him by about 70k's when he has gone to 2nd and I am still in 1st)

    But on the flip side always wear full leathers, gloves, boots even when 40+ ... squiding to me is jacket zip half way down and cuff zips open :LOL:

    Pretty moderate at intersections, shopping strips etc.


  15. Somewhere between a libertine and an indulgent; i voted libertine because my immature mentality inclines that way. I believe lane splitting is a birth right for any vehicle that can get away with it- even a semi :p - even at high speeds.

    Helmet-only on extremely warm days, summer jacket when its colder. Don't believe in compulsion of wearing gear.

    Speed "safely" when in mood unless i have headlights flashing in front of me (or other lights flashing behind me lol)

    No stunting as yet; too scared of harming my lovely BIKE.

    As long as one doesn't have a death wish, he will probably try to live.
  16. I'm a moderate without doubt.

    Sometimes I just cruise, then sometimes...well, I'm in the mood for fun.

  17. Have to say I'm an Abstemoius. But not because I think those who are at the ohter end of the spectrum should be ashamed of themselves. More because a culture of "Libertinism" in the riding community will bring about more restrictive laws, more absurd levies/charges and less understanding/consideration of riders ie. I would rather we weren't our own worst enemy.
  18. Ill only split lanes if theres ample room and if theres some absolute tosser behind me thats sittin right up my ass or something, not to make my trip quicker...

    I dont pay attention to speed limits at all, only conditions. If im the only one on the road ill go nuts, when travelling on the highway in good conditions ill be about 20-25 over, really bad weather or roads ill be under the limit, school zones and the like im super cautious and below the limit...

    As for protective gear if im not going out to purposely ride hard ill usually be wearin a singlet, shorts and thongs. Prolonged highway journeys or certain weather ill kit up...

    Stunts wise im pretty cautious cause i dont have comp insurance so dont wanna take the risk, the only thing ya might catch me doin is lightin up the rear every now and again...

    As for everyone else i dont really give a fcuk. As long as theyre not directly affecting me or my family/friends i say go for ya life...

    Dont think im extreme enough to be a libertine, so spose that makes me indulgent....
  19. Indulgent.

    I try to keep within 27 kmh of the speed limit in built up areas and always wear full gear. I lane split at speed in appropriate conditions if the differential isn't greater than 30 or 40 kmh.

    I don't stunt; I've dropped my baby once and don't want to do it again. If I were going to I'd buy a wrecked bike that ran ok and practice on private property.
  20. I like the post and poll, but the choices are too.. ummm... "iffy"

    I definately don't care what pollies are thinking at any time, but I do care that they'll add more un-needed legislation if they think it'll get votes.
    I don't care what people do to themselves, I do care (a lot) what they do to others.

    I do preach the safety side of things, I prefer to think of it as more a live and let live approach, based on don't do things that NEGATIVELY effect others, or spoil others enjoyment, ie don't be selfish, and in the extreme, don't do things that could kill or maim others.

    But I am certainly no angel, but I don't put others at risk when I step over the pollies legislated line.

    I stay at or very close to the limit in residential areas and in high pedestrian traffic areas. My sermons on safety are aimed squarely at people who care not about say, a child that may run out of a driveway or school in front of their speeding wheels.

    I Don't "split" at speed, but ocasionally filter if it's a huge bank up (ie road blocked to almost standstill), there's no need to filter in normal Hobart traffic tho.

    On the highway, where I can see far enough ahead and the road is clear of intersections etc, I'll overtake as quickly as possible. On the trip back from Launnie after Cat's funeral I got past 3 semi's in one stretch, at a "terminal velocity" of 160, then slowed down to a cruise of 120-130, which was actually the traffic flow anyway.
    On the way up, Vani and I were safely riding between 100-130, but observing limits in towns. I think Vani even got the Vulcan to struggle up to 160 once :wink:

    When the chance arose I did wind up the old beast to an indicated 220 on a solo trip, still had a bit to give as well.
    But I'm over it now, till I get to Symmonds plains on a Cornering and Braking course later this year anyway. It really wasn't that exciting actually.

    Stoppies, mono's? can't see the point myself, so nope, I don't do 'em.
    but I do admire the skill of those that do them.. safely.

    Assertively using the acceleration and maneuverability adv my bike has over cars? Guilty as sin!!! :twisted:
    Going hard into twisties? Guilty as sin!!! :twisted:

    After all, corners is why I ride, and Tassie is where I live cos it's got lots of places to corner.

    My darling Wife and I have discussed my need to weave around bends and what she thinks is silly speeds. If I stack it will cause her grief, but she believes not as much grief as the grumpy old bastard I'll be if I don't get it out of my system occasionally. We have a wonderful working compromise.

    So does that make me a bit of all 5 choices? I guess so.
    Does it hurt anyone else, I hope not.

    Sorry for the lengthy verbosity, but I felt the need to explain where "I come from"


    (edited cos I can't count)