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[poll] How many of you have long hair?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spongesam, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Male - Long

  2. Male - Medium

    0 vote(s)
  3. Male - Short

    0 vote(s)
  4. Female - Long

    0 vote(s)
  5. Female - Medium

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  6. Female - Short

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  1. I turn up to tafe to whistles from my class mates... each day i take my helmet off and they go "oh you again"... and "i thought u were a girl"... and there i take the tie out of my hair, and move my head around (like the cliche library chic when she becomes hot)... and their faces light up... like i'm about to turn into a chick or something...

    so i ask ... how many of you have long hair?
    guys and girls...

    what ever happened to the biker dude with the long hair and the flowing goatie...

    hmmm... maybe the "biker clubs" took them all away... but still... i'm curious :)
  2. You have no option for no hair! That's chrome dome discrimination!
  3. I'm a female with medium length hair. I hate my hair getting in my eyes when I'm riding my bike/playing guitar/etc so like to keep it short/medium & cut it when it gets shoulder length.

    My BF has VERY VERY short hair & a goatee.
  4. pfft, stop trying to be individual :p u fit in the short category :LOL:
  5. i had long hair, but when i got back on the bike after my suspension, i found i really couldn't be arsed with the hassles involved with helmet hair and knotting up. best decision ever, long hair is such a pain in the arse when doing ANYTHING....
  6. Having hair is beneficial wearing a lid. I have nothing between my perspiring cranium and the lining of my helmet.
  7. I got short hair cause of work otherwise id like to have atleast a bit more.

    I just think as a guy if you wanna have long hair youve gotta have some decent facial hair and have a well built physique else you just end up lookin like a really ugly chick :p
  8. Mik, that is so funny cause its true
  9. No blade on the clippers, old habits die hard.

    + shaved head & Tats = instant cool :LOL:
    also you can sneak into Klan/Nazi rallies to undermine their warped plans easier! :p


    It's easy to look after but!
  10. LOL.... i had the other problem, where mine was short spikie (typical guy style, with gel) and when taking my helmet off, it flattened the whole lot and it was more trouble then it's worth trying to fix it on the spot, now got longer hair how it is after the helmet comes off is how it stays, and usually looks ok :wink:
  11. I thought you were too... or gay.... not that there is anything wrong with that... :p

    I got my hair tied back at the moment. Not cutting my hair... no sireee bob!!
  12. i had sota longish hair and hated it when i started riding would always get in ur face and then annoy the living crap out of u..
    probably the best thing was gettting off and not having to worry as u can tie ur hair up
    short hair is easy to maintain but when taking of ur helmet its everywhere lol
    oh well can win either way :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    maybe best to shave it again lol
  13. aLTHOUGH you could be mistaken for Fabio with that as well.... :facepalm:

    {quote Mik/}
  14. just wait till u upset ur missus lol... and when ur asleep CHOP
    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I have medium length hair, well medium for a corporate drone.

    Used to have long hair at the hight of the Grunge Scene in the late 80's early 90's, looked very cool all dressed in black and blundstone boots.

    HAHA suit everyday so now no choice.
  16. Short crew cut, and a long goatee.. In fact more hair on the chin than the dome, the dome loses hair every day, the chin gains at least as much.
  17. well i had long hair - probably up to the shoulders at its peak but before i went on holiday i chopped it off. Now i have a problem with the helmet. Its a little bit loose because theres no hair to fill it up anymore.

    Worst thing about having long hair and riding in summer you pull you helmet off and its wet and ewww yuck.

    Also when you cut your hair everyone thinks you've lost weight so i thought my big head would fill the helmet but nope no luck
  18. i don't have the skills to grow facial hair... and i've been procrastinating about getting to the hairdresser for about a year now...

    so i decided to give up and just see how long it gets :)

    just got to get rid of my saggy man boobs, then no more "thought u were a chick" look...

    oh, and lidonnit... just you wait... i'll turn your head one day ;)
  19. mines is almost long enough to tie back. Im waiting for that day. :)
  20. As long as its not her stomach. :p