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[POLL] How far is your commute?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, May 31, 2006.

  1. 5 km or less

  2. 10 km

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  3. 15 km

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  4. 20 km

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  5. 30 km

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  6. 40 km

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  7. 50 km

  8. 60 km

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  9. 70 km

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  10. 80 km+

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  1. Thought I'd ask people just how far they go to get to work (One way trip)

    The last option should read 80km +
  2. I live 20 minutes' walk from my current work site.

    Course, I still ride, which is probably not great for the bike as it doesn't get a chance to warm right up. But as I'm not doing much more than straight line commuting at the moment I can actually feel my skills starting to atrophy.

    It's distressing. Only thing I get to work on is a bit of throttle control when I pull wheelies.

    I must get out more on the weekends.
  3. oop's that'll teach me not to read it properly :oops:

    I hit the +80 ks just as i saw the "one way" blurb :oops:

    anyway mines 108k round trip :p
  4. mine is almost exactly 5kms. It sucks. But I get to sleep in.
  5. Mines 65 kms each way, Mt Martha to the CBD.

    1hr or so is still faster than a car by 1/2 hour.
  6. Office is 24k's door to door if I'm not flying, then it's 15k's more to the airport. It usually takes about 1/3 longer if I go by car.
  7. I do almost 100ks round trip depending which short cuts i take

    roughly 49km each way
  8. I do ~100k's round trip each day from Melton to the St. Kilda
  9. :shock: I miss the days when I used to work <8km's from work... only thing I like about travelling 40km's each way is that I get to ride :grin:

    It's a pain travelling 40km's on the Monash so doesn't matter how bad the weather is I'll ride to work every day :wink:
  10. About 10 meters.

    Sucks 'cos I don't get to ride the bike to work.
  11. :LOL: I miss the days when I used to live 3.2 km from work :p
  12. around 40kms to my work.
  13. Used to be 90k's each way, that sucked. Now it's just over 60 because I was moved to a different campus. It used to cost me $20 a day ($100/week) in fuel in my Magna, now on the bike it's about $16 a week (I was also changed from working 5 days a week to only 4, 2 less trips a week). I thought I had won lotto with all the extra money I had.
  14. 48km one way from Mt Waverley to Laverton North.
    On the Monash, in the cage = :cry:
  15. I had to go the 5km option. I'm not working ATM but my last job was 2.4km from work :grin: Hopefully I will be working for an agency that I applied with and then I will be working wherever they send me :shock:
  16. and why not :LOL:

    Maybe we should do another poll that says "shortest commute to work"... I'm sure you'd win it :eek:
  17. 26km door to door if I go via Lysterfield Rd, but coming home in the summertime can closer to 80-100km,

    Wantirna - Emerald (sometimes via Mt Dandenong) - Gembrook - Pakenham - Narre North...... and not a freeway in site ... sucks don't it :wink:
  18. work is 45 mins. return (brighton --> port melbourne and back) not a bad ride, the st kilda foreshore is always nice no matter the season.

    uni in berwick is 90 mins. return.. shitty boring ride on north road and the monash :? i'm doing one subject in caulfield next semester though! fun ride, only 15-20 minutes away and more bikes there, more fun campus too.

    (i work in time not km's.)
  19. 14km each way.
    South Fremantle to Cottesloe.

    Beautiful ride, along the coast all the way.
  20. 7km to work 20km home.... i always get side tracked and detour on the way home. ususally along the yarra boulevade.