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[Poll] Have we never had it so good?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v_quixotic, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I yearn for the good old days

  2. I reckon it's as good as its gonna get

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  3. It's OK now, but the future's where it's at

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  1. Do you yearn for the good old days (or wish you were coming of age) when you could get your license if you could ride around the block without falling off?

    Do you wish you could by a brand new bike with a couple of months take home wages?

    Do you have fond memories of the days when bikes had carburettors and right-side-up forks?


    Do you cringe at the thought of being set loose upon the roads without training and a Learner Approved Motorcycle?

    Are you happy to pay more for a reliable and better performing product?

    Are you glad to be in the flower of youth in an age when you can by a bike with 20,000 km service intervals, more power than you can possibly use and impeccable road manners?

    What is the golden age of motorcycling and why?

    For me, from a technical standpoint, the golden age is here and now. My current ride is the best I've owned or ridden since I began some 20 years ago. As for the riding context, I would rather ride in the pre-nanny state speed-camera free era of my youth.
  2. I missed the "good old days". Would love nothing more than to be able to jump aboard a Norton Commando and mix it up with EH Holdens (or whatever was available at the time) in traffic :grin:.
  3. That's absolutely a myth.

    Twowheels recently did an article on whether bike prices in the past few decades have risen more or less than the cost of living,

    They found that a bike today costs the same as it did 30 years ago, accounting for inflation/cost of living etc...

    Also, look at the Value for money a modern bike offers. If you spent say 20% of your yearly income 50 years ago on a norton 350cc, youd have a bike of dubious quality.

    If by comparison you spent 20% of your yearly income on say, a Kawasaki GPX250 (assuming your income is below average), you would have a great and virtually flawless machine.

    Bikes are actually much cheaper when you think about it. If the maufacturers had any desire to make a machine of 1950's quality today, cost savings with mass production would mean they could manufacture it for next to nothing.

    Look at the prices of 50cc scooters from Asia these days. Dont tell me prices have risen :LOL:
  4. No idea what it was like in the old days, but i'm not complaining
    with how we have it this day n age :wink:
  5. Hey V-.
    Good point, I know a few guys who still live in the past. Mind you they have'nt rode the new breed, so I guess it's there ignorance.
    The bikes of only a few years ago are heaps of sh*t in compared to what we can ride now.
    One guy even said having to work on them during a trip is half tha fun. He musta been jokeing.
    The good old times, dont think so.
  6. You can stop if you like, but it's only clutching.
    You can look to the past, again it's clutching.
    You can look forward, yet again you're clutching.

    There's no middle path in this choice, there's no candy option. Every view here will result in a degree of dissatisfaction because you're trying to lock something down.

    It's that moment when you lose awareness of yourself, the bike, and the road as separate entities and just flow. It's neither good, nor bad: it's just the ride, and everything else is part of the experience.


    There's a distinct possibility I've been sitting at the computer too long today.
  7. Yeah Right
  8. :LOL: :LOL: wtf
  9. Granted modern bikes are far, far quicker than their predecessors, I guess the real question is "does this make them more fun" especially in this age of heavily policed speed limits. I can already see the day where many of us here may reminisce about the days of actually being able to excced the speed limit, and having bikes that actually use internal combustion engines.
  10. u really 26yo?
  11. Yep, definately have a soft spot for classic cars and bikes though.
  12. hehe..

    just from ya post i was thinking u older than 26
    & was actually riding in the old days :LOL:
  13. Nah, just disappointed that I never had the opportunity.
  14. Maybe in ya next life.. if ya lucky :wink:
  15. 25 years from now. today will be the old days...... and I will be able to say.. ZZR600......yep I owned one of those classics.. :cool: :cool: :cool:

    BTW 25 yers ago, I was in the RAAF, my wife was still finishing her degree, we were broke and I had to sell my bike to buy a bloody fridge...

    nope.....don't miss em at all.....
  16. In at TW column the columnist goes through how much trouble he used to have with his bike, how everytime he wanted to go somewhere he used to have to fix it. It would breakdown roadside and very rarely get him where he wanted to go in one trip. Then he explains how he wouldn't swap it for a current bike despit their reliability as his old bike was like a partner or pet as he spent soo much time looking after it.

    Me, well I'm time poor (and just normal old regular poor too) I don't get much time to play on my bike. Everytime I go to start my spada it has worked, except once (fuel tap goes 'on'). Its been a really reliable bike for the 5,000km I have had it - this is a good trait.

    I think we have been in a constant 'golden age' of motorcycling since they appeared here, things seem better once past tense kicks in.
  17. The old days?

    Whaat? and give up my x-box?

    Besides, I like Kawasakis and all.... but the last few years have really seen them bloom... 600's a few years ago (pre 2000) never hit 100hp on a stock standard bike... Now they all do... easily...

    in fact, the bikes from ALL the manufacturors from 03 onwards are hornbags...
  18. Stereohead, from what I read, true. Its hard nowdays to find a 'bad' bike or a bike that can't be made good with a few adjustments. Its just a matter of finding the better of the good bikes. This decision is made easier if you narrow your search down to those with a 'Honda' badge (ducks).
  19. True... Hondas are great bikes.... As long as you dont want parts afterwards, because honda origional parts prices are higher...
  20. Hey Guys,
    Gotta stick up for jd here. The older bikes do have a sorta cham. Do go better than one would think. If I had the spare $$$ I would have a BSA 500 Side valve ( girder forks) And one of the first unit constuction Triumph Bonneville's. Just to go for a short spin. Now I realise most of you guys on here. Maybe wouldnt know what I am talking about.
    I AM old enough to know what they are.
    Still think young but.