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Poll: Did you drop your first bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Loz, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Yeah but it was only a little drop.

  2. Hell yeah bro, I busted it GOOD.

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  3. I canned my first bike, and a buncha other bikes too!

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  4. Yeah I trashed my first bike, but I've never pranged another bike.

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  5. I never crashed my first bike, but I've chucked others down the road.

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  6. Call me King Dingaling, I've never crashed and I never plan to.

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  1. So everyone keeps telling the newbies they're gonna can their first ride. Well, we can't predict the future, but we can take a poll on the past. Did you drop your first bike?

  2. my frist drop - 70k - barely any damage, broken indicator and busted fork seals but hurt my ankle.

    second, bout 20 k - smashed my fairings to bits.

    third accident, brakes failed and a car hit me. think it bent my forks out of alignment.
  3. Yep, grabbed a tad too much front brake on the dirt shoulder and fell over
    Broke off the left indicator, bent the clutch lever and turned the left mirror around
    Boy did I get a ribbing from the place where I bought it when I went in and asked for a new indicator :LOL:
  4. First drop was with the Virago. It wa raining on Commercial road, stuck in traffic, went to go around a car, front wheel slip as I was crossing a tram track, only doing a few k's p/h so I stayed upright.

    Seconds drop was with the Hornet. Post previously, I was stationary when a cyclist smashed into me, my bike fell on his, again I stayed upright :)
  5. Put it on the side stand facing downhill while I went to close the garage. Of course the bike rolled forward into mums car. Slight scrape on the GPX's left fairing, new qtr panel for mums excel!!!
  6. got hit from behind going up on a merging lane into a freeway. Traffic was moving really slow and some woman just "didn't pay attention" as she said to me after she ran up the back of me.

    The first time it was (100%) my fault was walking my bike into my garage, too much front brake when I was trying to stop it (it's on a bit of an angle) and lots of gravel underneath = one bike on it's side :(
  7. Like I've mentioned already today... Came to a stop, put my foot down and just kept leaning, lol. Bent my brake lever to a 90degree angle and didnt notice it till i got hoem from the rest of my ride... then it snapped. No comments from the guy I bought my new one off. I am a girl after all :p
  8. I didn't drop MY first bike. I dropped my BF's first bike. 5kph, grabbed the front brake & down I went. I stuck my foot out but the bike was too heavy for me & it fell on me.

    Was only a really really really minor fall, some touch up paint & we were back in business.

    I fell like a dick though.
  9. yep grabbed the brake mid corner, got it down to about 30km/hr by the time it hit the road so only a few scratches and a loose indicator lense now
  10. Suzuki 80cc 2 stroke, had it about one hour. No help, no instruction, I just kept stalling it. So in desperation I revved the balls off it, dropped the clutch, and looped it backwards. First aerobatic manouver I ever performed, and years before I got a pilots licence.
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    was this part of the reason you became a pilot? :)
  12. If you're ON your first bike, and haven't stacked yet, can I choose "Call me King Dingaling, I've never crashed and I never plan to." ? :p

    One day I'll have a stack and my FZR will cease to exist :(

  13. Had a van merge very close infront of me, panic, it was windy, windey, raining and i was inexperinced, jammed the front, hit a pothole, handlebars went lock and down i go, cracked fairings, indicators and other problems still goin
  14. having an fzr is just tempting fate.
  15. No, I reckon newbies should refrain from voting, unless they've stacked already, in which case their vote will be the same as what it would have been if they waited until their upgrade before voting. As-yet unstacked newbies should hold off until they upgrade, so as not to skew the stats.
  16. Slide my bueatiful little CBR250RR into the back of a 600 metre old commondore. Smashed it into a thousand pieces and only put a 6 inch scratch on the bumper of the car :?:

    I took it home in some coles plastic bags.
  17. no falls yet, almost though on the dirt bike

    almost ran into a car a couple of times
  18. I really trashed my 2nd bike... does that count LOL
  19. On my first ride, I asked her for a favor, and I think we have reached an understanding. I take care of her, and she'll take care of me.

    I still reckon she's safer than an R1, or even an RS250!

    Unfortunately there's only one way to find out :( I've had a few fights with gravity over her, but she hasn't gone down yet!

  20. Where's the option in the poll for

    x) I havn't dropped my first bike yet but the previous owner did, and 2 different mates have while moving the bike when its in my driveway...