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[POLL] Brand Loyalty?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  3. didn't enter into my considerations

  1. SamS2 just upgraded; from a Suzi 600 to a Suzi 1000...

    .....which got me asking about brand loyalty, and my perception that Suzuki owners especially seem to stay with Suzukis (or perhaps GSX-Rs) when they upgrade.

    So it's not just about whether Hondas are better than Kawasakis, or such, but whether or not you stayed with the same brand when you moved to your next bike (and the reasons, of course)!

  2. nah not me, I have no loyalty.

    If I like the way a gsxr feels i'll buy that to replace the r6
  3. Nope.

    I went to what suited my needs the most. Will do again for the next bike. If it's a kawasaki then it's not to do with the brand.

    I find brand preference is like food preference. Everyone has one but they are usually different for different reasons. Hyosung would be the haggis of food though :p
  4. pffft i like mine.
  5. r6 to a ducati = no problems, r6 to a honda-suzuki = not a chance in hell, personal preference i suppose
  6. Japanese loyalty perhaps.

    All my cars have been turbo jap cars, jap bikes seem to be equally as impressive.
  7. haven't owned my triumph long enough to know yet... really loving the 3 cylinder action so far though... Daytona 1050 ???
  8. i think i better clarify my position. in a sports bike, i want a gsxr750, its nicely in the middle of the full litre and 600-675 bikes, plus it feels bloody great. But my next ride (fingers crossed) will be an xjr1300.

    Hyosung do not make a bike along the lines of want I want for my next bike.
  9. I'm sort of with you there Thera. In a sports bike the GSX-R750 seems to get good reviews in terms of its versatility so that's one I'd look at as well. The StripleR is the other based on reviews. I think I'll end up with either one of those.

    My next bike won't be a Hyosung, not because of the way my previous one went (it was fine for the time I had it) but because their resale value is abysmal. I just took an insured payout figure, minus the excess, rather than a new one because the cash amount I'm getting is a lot more than what I could have sold it for (I tried) when it only had about 240 km on the odometer. I wonder what the new FI models are like. They've taken a big price jump (about a $2,000 increase) so hopefully that means they've upped in quality and it isn't just PS trying to gouge.
  10. one of the people at staffords i was talking too say they are much closer to the japanese bikes, a big step up from the old models. Better brakes, better suspension, better performance. Improved looks??? not sure on that one, but still nothing bigger than the 650, and no plans to according to Hyosung. anyway sorry for the tangent OT.
  11. I reckon it's more a case of Engine loyalty.
    There are those who love twins and those who love 4's and those who love triples.
  12. I think the idea of brand loyalty is utter nonsense dreamed up by marketing departments and it's downright sad if the brand they use really matters this much to someone. To define yourself by which corporation you give your money to? How empty your life must be to stoop this low?

    So no - I buy strictly according to what fits my needs or what I think is a good deal or a good product. As it happens in my last purchases I went from Honda to Kawasaki to Honda again, but that had nothing to do with brand name.
  13. I've never made a secret of that fact that I'm a Honda man, and I'm sure that that is closely related to the FIRST brand of bike that you own. It gives me enormous pleasure to see Hornet riding a Honda even though he's a biggotedly persecuting one-eyed, Yamaha fan, always has been. :LOL:

    Having said that, I've owned many brands (though, sadly, never a Kaw ((almost bought a zx-9'er a couple of years ago))). Most of my bikes have been Hondas, but not because they are Hondas, but because Honda had a model that suited the type of riding that I wanted to do. In the last 6 years I have owned 3 VFR's and a VTR.

    My next bike (I hope) will be the new V4 as long as it's a S/T version (and the bank manager agrees) :roll:

    Oh, I could be persuaded by the new 'Priller too, but only on the same basis as the above.
  14. I see no problem with a bit of brand loyalty. As far as bikes go, my Kawasaki's have never been a problem and the admittedly small number of times I have dealt with Kawasaki directly have been great. So in those ways Kawasaki have earned my money and will continue to do so until they screw me over somehow... Or I win a Ducati :LOL:
  15. My next upgrade with most likely be a modern retro however if I were going for a sports tourer I couldn't go past an XJR1300. They look fantastic.
  16. ????????????????

    Since when is an XJ a sports bike??

    Having said that, I rode a mate's Gixxer 750 and I'd have one in a heartbeat; what an awesome machine!
  17. Interesting question.

    My first bike was a Kwak, but that was more to do with model availability than brand choice - fully faired 250, decided I prefered twin to four, so it was GPX/ZZR.

    Now on Zook, and find myself partial to them. No particular logic to it, just do.

    I've found Yam tragics to be the most vociferous about their preference, and Suzuki and Honda loyalists just as dedicated but quieter about it.

    My next buy will not definitely be another Zook, but I'll be looking at them sooner and harder than others.
  18. ill be changing brands. currently riding a hyosung gt250r. the gt650r doesnt hold much cred. the next upgrade will have to go to a different brand due to lack of suitable models
  19. First bike on the road was a Honda, then 2 kwakas, then a Triumph, then a Yamaha, and now a Suzuki. I buy what suits me and my needs.
  20. lol
    name - RED ZX
    garage - 2002 Triumph Speed Triple
    rides - Suzuki