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Politics in Iceland

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. The Best Party has managed to win the recent city poll in Iceland by campaigning for essential things, such as free towels at public swimming pools, and a polar bear in the zoo.

    Perhaps we can apply a simmilar tact here? Anyone care to join and campaign for my party, the Awesome party?

    jirf88 for PM!
  2. But we've got a polar bear at the zoo...8-[
  3. I want a wooly mammoth at the Melbourne Zoo and free stubby holders for all, now that's a party I would vote for!
  4. Dodgy place, Iceland. First they go bankrupt, then they have a fire..........
  5. If we could get cold filtered water at every workplace with clean and tidy kitchens... well!
  6. Well I'd be happy if workmates stopped using my coffee cup....
    Only one not to have months of coffee stains in it.... I'm not cleaning theirs!
  7. Get a cup that has "If my name isn't joedelosa then I'm a thieving wanker" written on it in big, red letters.
  8. Or "I have shat in this cup".
  9. I saw your avatar jirf88, and for some reason read "Politics in Ireland". :p