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N/A | National Politics - creative ideas for motorcycle awarenes videos

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by A boy named Sue, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. OK, the TAC ads seem to have unleashed a few creative ideas in that thread. A few people talked about trying to get a video to go viral to spread the message. This thread is to collect suggestions. I'll go first.

    Scene 1) Crowded inner city, South America – birds eye view to set the scene (maybe a pan up from the beach at rio de janeiro). Sound track James Brown “the boss”

    Scene 2) mid 30’s Spanish looking guy (Juan) in a leather jacket and jeans with aviator glasses, bit of stubble and an open helmet rides a beat up ducatti monster through heavy of traffic, lots of scooters and older bikes also doing the same thing and then gets cut off by a bad lane change from a distinctive VW beatle as he is slowing down to park. He shakes his head as he gets off his bike. Traffic does not move.

    Scene 3) Moments later, Juan walks up to an older guy sitting outside a cafe and they exchange bags. Juan checks his drug pick up. But he is still angry and points at the car that cut him off. The older guy pats him on the shoulder and nods; clearly trying to calm him down.

    Scene 4) Same car is parked outside a townhouse, shot shows the car and the front door. Two heavy set men walk through the shot, kick down the door and you then hear a scream followed by two gunshots.

    Scene 5) Cut to a black screen with the text “There were an estimated 43,016 murders in Brazil in 2010”. Music stops

    Scene 6) Newsreader (with Aussie Accent) reads a headline about outlaw motorcycle gangs being involved in drug trafficking with the power vacuum after Carl Williams’ murder

    Scene 7) Police guy at a press huddle talking to camera saying “bikie gangs, usually ridding non-descript motorcycles, have taken over the Melbourne drug scene, we urge motorists to use extreme caution around any motorcycle they see. Please, be on the lookout for bikes. If you see a bike do not approach it, leave at least a 3 second gap and make sure you head check when changing lanes – we don’t want another gangland war down here.”
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  2. Hahaha I love it
  3. Hmm, I've had this idea in my head for a while. Quite a serious one.

    Scene is outside a nice suburban house, guy is walking out with a helmet in hand, his bike in the driveway, ready to go for a ride.

    His neighbour is polishing a nice new sports-car and the rider goes over for a chat.

    Car owner is talking about the features of his flash new car and points out "an active threat assessment display", as the rider sits in the car you see a fancy LED "heads up display" picking up everything on the street and giving it a coloured threat rating (basically all green to orange) as the driver explains that the car knows how much damage it would take from being hit by a truck etc.

    The bike can be seen as highlighted very green, i.e. no threat at all.

    The bike rider says "yeah, my helmet has the same technology", and gives it to the car owner to try.

    The car owner puts the helmet on and you see through his eyes out of the helmet. The scene shows the world predominantly in red, with the car clearly visible as a serious threat.

    Tag line of "See the world through a motorcyclists eyes." and then fade out everything other than "See motorcyclists"

    Roll up my career in advertising?
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  4. We need to put a face to the head under the helmet.
    People will find it harder to kill us if they know what we look like. lol funny but true.
    So keeping it simple;
    A bike pulls up the rider is in all black. He turns it off and removes his helmet and faces the camera. "Hi I'm father Thomas and I ride"

    An R1 pulls up and sweet titts pulls her helmet off. Hi I'm Haley and I ride lol sex sells.

    But get the picture. Putting a face on us. Letting them know there are more than spotty faced teenagers getting around out there on bikes.
    Real people ride bikes too !!!!
  5. I like it.. it goes along with what Craig Hodge was saying in his book about how confronting accidents are when you get to know the victims as real people.

    Also, worth noting that TAC have already tried to personalise victims of car accidents with their "Pictures of you" campaign. Do you think that worked, or would have had the desired effect?

    I personally think your approach sounds bit more positive and upbeat.. focusing on life rather than death and all that.
  6. Those other ideas seem like good ads, if you were paying for airtime, but for a video to go viral it has to be cool or funny or gross or something.

    Maybe a vox pop (voice of the people, when you do interviews with the public on the street) with a nice young lady in a SMIDSY t-shirt talking to people about motorcycle safety.
    "Hi I'm Jill and I'm here on Swanston St talking to people about motorcylce safety"
    Some suit (Jack) talks to her and goes on about how he never sees any motorcyclists doing the right thing. "I've been driving sport saloons for nigh on twenty years, and I could count on one hand the number of times I've see a motorcyclist riding safely. I can't believe they keep trying to blame us motorists when they crash"

    He then walks straight into the camera man, who, for absolutely no reason is dressed in motorcycle gear (as is revealed when the camera "falls"). Suit looks down "sorry mate, I didn't see you".
  7. Bingo. A concept that catches the public's imagination, humour etc is the tricky part as not everyone has same taste.

    Bretto's idea reminds me a bit of the UK's popular Think Bike: Think Biker "Named Rider" campaign.

    Like walking into a pole when texting. "Is this you? And you drive?" Observed that a couple of times.

    PS - "A boy named Sue" ... haven't heard that song in ages, always gave me a giggle (was a family favorite). :)
  8. ... and a clever concept is priceless, and doesn't need to cost much to make at all.