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Politics aside, Moto-2 :shock:

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. ... who ISN'T enjoying the racing in Moto-2? Talk about 'elbows in the face' stuff.

    I thought Ianone was a bit stiff, despite what Darryl Beatie said.....

  2. yep love the racing and the field size, as for the whole yellow flag thing well the crew really needed to think a bit harder about the messages on the pit board as it was pretty poor
  3. Yeah, great racing. But, as you know, bro, you do the crime, you do the time. Stewy's right, though, the signalling was a bit crazy. But, having said that, the riders should have been brought up to speed with all those things in the rider's briefing. Maybe Andrea was asleep??
  4. While I have to agree with the sentiment " what was he thinking?? " ( Iannone ),
    I can't help wondering why they have different rules to the other classes with regard to passing under the yellow..

    Punishment for this offence should be the same for all classes/racing - ' black
    flag - ride thru penalty'

    BTW.... what about the carnage, lap 1 - turn 1....how does that constitute great racing ?????
  5. In Australian racing if you pass under the yellow, you are allowed to continue in the race and the Clerk of Course will examine the evidence afterwards and, if you're found guilty, a time penalty is imposed.

    The business of a "ride through" or a "fall-back" is ridiculous.
  6. I would hazard a guess and say that in local racing a 'ride thru' would be impossible from a safety aspect unless you wanted to completely change the pit / pit wall behaviour etc.. and that's before you even think about the pit speed limit and how to measure it, or, as a rider, ride to it ( most local race bikes don't have a speedo or other speed limiter ).

    What is a ride thru, if not a time penalty ???
    'x' distance to cover at a predetermined speed limit sound very much like a time penalty to me.
    By the time a rider gets the black flag / board, race direction / CoC has already determined that an offence has been committed and 'x' punishment is in order.
  7. I still can't see what's wrong with 'racing to the flag', as prevails in most (?) forms of motor sport. Clearly the pass was effected before he actually passed the flag, even though he may have been able to see it. I'm sure he lined up the pass well before the flag came into view........

    however, I agree, the officials or his pit crew or a combination made a sow's ear of signalling the problem, and the solution was a nonsense, unless he could fall back behind the person he originally passed in committing the offence, surely?
  8. My understanding, from a replay during the telecast, was that a yellow flag was also displayed at the start/finish line.
  9. after the race the passing incident was replayed in normal time and in slo-mo and it was very clear that the whole pass was effected, and that Iaonone was back in front of the rider he passed, BEFORE the waved yellow, and that there was no yellow flag before that one....
  10. He was robbed.
  11. we agree on THAT (y).
  12. I know where ill be standing for the Moto2 race at Phillip Island with the size of the field!!!
  13. Passing under a waved yellow is about the most serious offence possible. From our rider briefings, I seem to remember that you are to be prepared to stop. A stationary yellow indicates that you are approaching an incident, but you are still not allowed to pass. From what I could see, Ianone overtook as he approached the waved yellow (the one that we could see). Doubtless there was at least a stationary yellow further up the track. Remember, he was passing INTO the area where the accident was and where both track marshals and riders/bikes potentially still were. If he had made a mistake, clipped the other rider, out-braked himself or just done what he has done before and simply crash (he has a reputation for hot headed and ill considered moves), we would be looking at serious repercussions.
  14. Your summary of how the yellow operates here is spot-on, cejay.

    However, there does seem to be considerable dispute about the situation. If I recall, there WAS a stationary yellow at the S/F line and the waved before the corner. He certainly got the pass done before he hit the waved, but that doesn't absolve him if he was already in the "yellow" zone.
  15. I hate to say it, but even here at club level let alone the cut throat pointy end, it is about the letter of the rule and not the intention of the rule (keep riders safe). If a rider puts a pass on because a rider in front slows up a little to make certain they won't hit a fallen rider, but it all happens before a yellow comes out, no repercussions. If you come up on a back marker or a rider with problems under yellow and fly past safely while the track is clear in front and a green flag is being held 50m up the track, disqualified.

    For riders that are earning a crust based on their ability to make and take every opportunity, fair play to him. The only question is whether he had passed any yellow flag, waved or unwaved. He would have found no sympathy if he passed in safety 1m before the green, and shouldn't be punished for passing 1m before the yellow. If he didnt see a stationary yellow, tough luck.

    That's how I see it.
  16. +1 to the yellow flag business. I drive the safety car at Sandown twice a year. At the last event a Lamborghini momentarily passed us under waving yellows before his brain kicked into gear. He had absolute shreds ripped off him by the Clerk of Course... might've even been fined. Can't remember the full outcome. ;)
  17. Well I saw it on TV as it happened, and then as it was disected after the race, and I didn't see any stationary yellow before the waved yellow, and the camera was covering right back up the straight. I think the only yellow he passed was the waved yellow, and as I have said, he was past the rider in front when he did that. I should also add that the rider he passed was not in any way slowing down; the pass was a great 'slipstream, pull out and pass' job, as I saw it.

    As to the rules on the ground, I don't know, but that's what I observed....

    I should also add that having spent the odd hour or two on the side of many tracks, you get used to watching for yellows, both for the photo opportunities they might present, and also for self-preservation :LOL:.
  18. I was watching it live as well. What Dazza said on telly was that its when you 'see the flag' that it comes in to affect. That is open to quite a bit of interpertation I feel.

    Personally I think it should be a defined point.

    What happened from there is a whole 'nother story, and wasn't made overly clear.

    Gotta ask though, why don't they have radios yet???
  19. how i see it, when he was slip streaming down the straight, his field of vision would have been taken up (almost completely) by the bike in front. there's no way he'd have seen the waved yellow at turn 1 until after he'd pulled out and was passing. especially since he passed on the right of the other bike, and the flag was on the left.

    the footage clearly shows him past the other rider before the waved yellow flag. there is no footage of any other yellow flag prior to that. so with that in mind, my opinion, his pass was legit.
  20. So when you "see" the green does racing begin again, or must you wait until you reach the green flag?

    I think Dazza is wrong.