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"Polite" Hi Viz. Would you - can you wear one?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lumoto, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. image.

    Legality issues in Australia?

    Apparently a study of these found increased awareness of the rider judged by space given to the rider.

    Would you wear one?

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  2. Cool, esp on my white bike!
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  3. #3 Lumoto, Sep 3, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2015
    Lol. I've just read the paper on it...... not good.

    The company selling them quotes an article from the BBC that says the only 2 vests that made a difference were POLICE and POLITE but it fails to tell you that the latter (their product) caused CLOSER passes and even acts of aggression! Not what the website selling them tells you!

    On page 18 of http://opus.bath.ac.uk/37890/1/Walker_2013.pdf

    "But it is striking that driver behaviour to POLICE was so different to POLITE given the key word differed by just one letter. Not only was passing much closer on average with POLITE, but subjectively the experimenter reported feeling much more at risk, and encountered overt acts of aggression from several drivers, when wearing POLITE. Critically, the difference between POLICE and POLITE (d = .26) suggests that motorists were not simply making a quick and crude visual evaluation of the bicyclist, as otherwise we would expect these two outfits to be treated the same. A positive message that can therefore be taken from these data is that motorists seem able to read quite carefully what is written on the back of a bicyclist’s clothes, even if their subsequent behaviour is not necessarily what would be desired. Similarly, the fact drivers were apparently able to distinguish POLICE from POLITE and adjust their behaviour in response, especially in the context of earlier findings that drivers respond to a rider’s gender (Chuang et al., 2013; Florida Department of Transportation, 2011; Walker, 2007), might argue against any claims that dangerous overtakes are in some sense inevitable or the product of ‘carelessness’ – the data suggest drivers are quite able to adjust their behaviour based on relatively subtle changes in the situation."
  4. Worn by wankers who couldn't get into the police force. Hateful things.
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  5. Thats where I saw it... lol.

    Looked it up and voila.

    I had to follow up on the research though and it is definitely misrepresented.

    Only thing is, the study was of cyclists not motorbike riders. The testimonials on the website could be fake for sure but seem to give a positive message but again you would think the seller would obviously not publish a negative review.
  6. Probably get done for attempting to impersonate a police officer lol
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  7. I would wear one to a bonfire sure. Being visible is for narcissists.
  8. No, not my style.
  9. The fact that coppers still get knocked off their bikes by numpties tends to suggest these would be relatively useless.

    I think there may also be a danger that you get a false sense of security and be less vigilant, that is if you actually believed this thing would help.
  10. I've spoken to a number of drivers that get quite pissed off by these things. The sudden realisation that the person is NOT a police officer seems to cause their original fear to become anger with subsequent behaviour being as you'd imagine. I might wear a hi-viz vest at a pinch but I wouldn't wear one of those.
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  11. Well I did email the website selling these about their product information which claim that these vests generate respect, about the contradictory finding in the paper that they are using to support the vest and the response they gave proves that they are clueless and haven't actually read the paper they claim helps them.

    I mentioned the paper above that they themselves use, and they called it "rubbish".

    They base their own interpretation on a BBC article Would these five changes actually help cyclists? - BBC News that uses the very same Garrard paper which says that high visibility clothing makes almost no statistically significant difference. That two vests in Garrard's study (the one the product manufacturer uses) that make any difference are the ones with POLICE and POLITE.

    BUT! While the POLICE vest does change driver behaviour positively, the POLITE vest causes a NEGATIVE effect and makes drivers pass closer! And act aggressively towards the rider even.

    That's what the paper says, but the manufacturer of the vest manufactures also a false spiel based on ignorance of the underlying paper that this vest has positive effects. It's a fine case of complete ignorance and delusion.
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  12. Baron von Grumble's response above would support your case.

    And he's a rider!
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  13. Having a visible camera on the bike certainly helps, but do I really want people jumping on the brakes as I get up behind them?
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  14. The police are emergency workers and deserve special dispensation in order to carry their duties.

    The type of person that wears this kind of sh*t should be relegated to walking or catching the bus.
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  15. I can imagine riding into an RBT station wearing this and every cop on duty straight away thinking "hey, check out this dickhead". And good luck trying to talk your way into an speeding offence downgrade.
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  16. Never.....
  17. It looks like it would cause you more grief than anything
    If your goal is to attract attention and make yourself visible i'm pretty sure this will work..... with the people you generally don't want to notice you, the POLICE.
  18. I have to wear one of those fluoro-yellow vests because new rules mandate I have to display to every road user that "I'm an idiot and cannot ride this bike properly", as if L plate was not enough. To get rid off it is the best incentive to get good enough to pass your licence test. NOTHING can persuade me to wear anything like this voluntarily.
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  19. Not for me thanks.