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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Micheal A, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Has anybody done any polishing of their bikes - in particular wheels? What's the best product(s) to use and the best way to go about it?

  2. Hi Mike & welcome to the forums :)

    I've heard some people use Mr Sheen. Also, another good trick (I learnt here) is to put normal hair conditioner in with the car washing stuff.

    Shines it up nicely.
  3. Check the articles - Polishing rims is one of our most read :)

    Whilst on teh subject, we need more articles peoples ... submissions are most welcome and quickly published. :)
  4. Sorry Mouth, corrected your spelling. ('The' not 'teh')

    What about one of the more mechanically minded bods out there does an article on general maintenance for us not-so-mechanically-minded??

    You know like changing oil, lubing/adjusting chain, brake fluid etc.

    How about it? :?:
  5. jees.. we don't get posts in here real often

    any way depends what you polishing
    there are many products out there for that many diffrent aplications.

    for paint, for a heaver cut, to rejuvinate, or remove scratches i always use CRC Paint Doctor. you can use on all surfaces and usualy needs only one cut.. be warned though, on thin paint, don't use it as an every day polish as it does cut the paint a fair bit.. but thats the idear

    as a wax coat i use mothers cleaners wax.. gives it a deep shine a protects for a month or so

    now metal (the shinyest of them all) for chrome i like mothers chrome finish.. works great to clean up surfaces

    autosol if the is a little more work to be done like ally...but if you can un bolt it....get you self a rag mop for you bench grinder and a polish compond bar. every thing will be mirror finish in no time.. best thing ive ever bought. but being raw metal you need to coat it (clear paint) or it will oxidise unless it is stainless or alike