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Polishing Spokes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by down_with_choppers, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Bought the rest of my gear today:

    Alpinestar Gloves.
    RST Electric Jacket: $450

    Love both of them. For some reason I get as excited about my gear as my bike. :)

    I bought the materials to polish my rims (getting rid of the purple paint). I am going to follow the method in the article but am just wondering, do many peolple polish their spokes as well? Is it hard? Does it look good?

  2. Its hard to polish spokes.
    I use strips of rag and loop them around the spokes,then I pull from each end alternatively.....
    like how you use a towel when you get out of the bath/shower. I also use a toothbrush to get into the bit where the spoke meets the wheel rim. And then after I'm done I usually have no long finger nails left, my knees ache from kneeling down and I still think the spokes need polishing to make them sparkle.
    I use "mothers" chrome polish, sometimes the blue aviation polish too if I can get my hands on it!
  3. Thanks forr the reply. Might give it a try. Actually I'll try just the rims first and see how it looks.
  4. Caz give good ol brasso a go for your spokes if they are really dirty, works a treat.
    yo down_with_choppers its CHOPPERS_TILL_YOU_DIE dude.
  5. I won't be converted, not for at least 10 years anyway :)
  6. *puts on her lost in space voice* twirls around waving them vacuum cleaner hose arms* warning, warning..... you will be assimilated* end of lost in space voice/actions* :p :LOL:
  7. Hmmm, brasso hey...and here I was thinking it was sooo yesterday. I'll give it a whirl and let ya know how it fares in comparison to the mothers polish :)
  8. Just noticed that the spokes are not machined. i.e still have little dimples in the metal from the casting/forging. Anyone done theirs before? What do you think they would come up like?

    I'm desperate because at the moment they're purple!!
  9. Take them off and go get them bead blasted. Its cheap, will save you hours, and maybe save your sanity too. Then go get an electric drill, a linen rotary mop, and some Solvol Autosol. When you have done all that, be prepared to hand polish both wheels at least once per month for ever and a day.
  10. Purple Metal Polish. Google it for suppliers. The best by far on spokes and shiny bits.
  11. yeah...thats the stuff I use sometimes.(blueish/purple)
    its aviation polish.
  12. hmmm, sounding like effort, might just go with black paint, will probably look just as good. Would be quite easy just to mask and spray would it not?
  13. I have similar wheels and after trying to do the spokes by hand I said **** it about half way through.

    I was going to gran a wire wheel brush and stick it on the drill, get them blasted, but after doing a mock up in photoshop I went went black on the spokes and I'm glad I did - though that suited my bike.

    The rims give you the fall sense of "ease" since the paint comes off easily, but the spokes are a biatch

    Get them blasted as mentioned above, by hand will drive you insane.
  14. You are kidding .....right :shock:
  15. Thanks bonkers, you've convinced me, black is good!! :)

  16. Let down the tyres a bit so you can mask furthur under the rubber...
  17. No. It's a red bike, black will look good. May still leave the rims polished.
  18. That's the beauty of it. Only needs occasional use and the odd wipe-over. Bit exey but you don't use much and the extra cost is worth it.
  19. Can anyone recommend a paint brand, or are they all the same?