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polishing powdercoat

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ajayvr, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. the frame on my bike is powdercoated, and in a couple of spots its starting to discolour. i'd say that some of the plastic polish i use has ended up on the frame and not been removed straight away, causing it top go a bit whiter.

    does anyone know if you can use car polish on powdercoat? is it possible to buff out a mark like on a car. its not really the same as paint so i dont want to damage it more. ive tried googling it but could not find any relevant answers.

  2. lol i cut and polish everything, but ive never tried doing it to powder coat.

    In theory cutting powdercot is possible, but i imagine because it is much harder than paint u would need to put in at least 5 times the amount of effort, i wouldnt even attempt it without some power tools. Make sure u use a stiff pad and a cutting compound , not cut and polish as it will probaly polish powder coat to quicly without cutting it.
  3. Try looking through here, it may help. Click in the Care and Maintenance.
  4. thanks jorge, that link had some good info.
  5. You'll be fine. Any normal car polish or light cutting compound is ok.

    I regularly have to polish scratches and marks out of powdercoated bullbars etc by hand and they come up fine. It usually leaves it a bit shinier than before so you often end up having to do the whole area.