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Polishing Frame??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by The Bandit, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Got a GSX-R 600 and was thinking about polishing the frame, seen it on a few others and it look the business.

    How hard is it to polish a frame and what tools do i need to do so???
  2. Most people send it away to get done as to do it properly is VERY time consuming and it depends on the type of material the frame is made also. Add to that you need to pull apart the entire bike to be left only with the frame.

    I know a guy who does bikes up near me and he got a CBR250RR done. He sent it away and got it back 2 weeks later minus $1000.

    I think they usually chrome the frame rather then polish it. Please if i am wrong do not hesistate to correct me. I have VERY limited knowledge on this.
  3. It is possible to electro-polish aluminium, it can also be polished to a mirror finish using conventional methods (ie SiC paper, polishing compounds etc.) but both will require a clear coat over the metal to prevent it from dulling over time due to oxidation. More likely that frames are chrome plated, there are also some powder-coatings that mimic a chrome finish - both are fairly expensive though and do require stripping the bike to the frame.
  4. go and get yourself a piece of scrap alloy... some fine wet & dry paper and a tube of autosol ... practice ... you will soon see how long it takes to get a mirror finish .... theres a fair bit of elbow greese involved .. and a lot of time .... thats why its so expencive .. its not particulary difficult ... just very time consuming
  5. Sounds like it could be more trouble than it worth.

    I also saw an old tinnie polished with meguirs metal polish and this thing came up like a mirror!!! They machine polished it but it came up like crome.
  6. Yeah sure you don't have to strip the bike down but then you can only polish the bits you can reach. Using power tools (sander, polisher, buffer etc.) can reduce some of the effort required but it's still time consuming. Never polished a bike frame before but have polished a lot of metallographic samples.