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Polishing exhaust manifold?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by toadcat, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. After 14 odd years of service the exhaust manifold on my bike is starting to be a bit yucky looking so I want to tidy it up a bit.

    Will brasso work to restore the chrome shine look?

    Or is it forever tainted due to the heat?

  2. I would recommend that you use a higher grade of polish than 'Brasso'. Personally, I've found 'Mothers' metal polish to work quite well. Its at almost any auto store, try a SuperCheap if theres one close to you. Otherwise, just get any automotive metal or chrome polish.

    If there is blueing of the pipes for, say 10cm after they exit the engine head, then you probably won't get that out permenantly as its due to the temperature of the exhaust. Otherwise, there is no reason why you can't go over the whole exhaust and expect a mirror shine.

    Cheers - boingk.
  3. Autosol works wonders mate.
  4. Second autosol or try purple metal polish!
  5. purple polish is good. autosol is more abrasive than purple so that may work easier at first if the header pipes are pretty neglected.

    do it with autosol 1st then purple and it should look ace.
  6. Alright sweet I'll go down to supercheap tomorrow and pick some up. I'll post some before/after pictures as well afterwards.
  7. i took a set of stainless headers that had never seen any form of polish since new... then used kitten cut & polish compound to get it semi polished, then autosol to finish it off. came up wonders on a 15+ year old bike:

  8. May have to try that on my GSX1100... lookin' good there sheppo!

    And plus 1 on the Purple Polish - my Dad used that on his BMW R1100S, made the exhausts look freakin' sweet.

    - boingk
  9. Autosol has never let me down (y)
  10. G'day everyone,....

    I always used generic brand cream clenser on my CB250.
    It polished the whole exaust system perfectly.
    Was very cheap and 1 bottle lasted all year.

    Dr Who?
  11. What about the stained looking spots?

    Also what kind of applicator do you guys use or just any rags?
  12. G'day everyone,....

    If your useing cream clenser just use a sponge as the clenser is a mild abrasive and takes off the stained part of the manifold rather well,....

    Dr Who?
  13. Has anyone else tried using laundry powder and steel wool?

    Dad once showed me a trick he uses all the time, which is a little bit of laundry powder, tiny bit of water just to keep it from drying up, and a 'steelo' box of steel wool.
    I used it on a few chrome dressy bits and it came up extremely well, then used it on my wheels which were meant to be a silvery-grey colour rather than a mirror.
    Retained the colour nicely, cleaned up many years of built up shit.. and shined excellently afterward.

    And even better is it cost next to nothing..
  14. old cut up t-shirts work well for me (using cut & pollish compounds)
  15. Wet and dry with some white chalk is what we used to do in metal work back in school to get stuff really shiny.

    The autosol and purple polish works better though lol.
  16. Autosol to get the worst of it off, including the 'stains'.......requires some elbow grease but once it starts coming off you're home and hosed......

    Meguiars NXT polish (green tin/purple lid) is excellent for keeping it shmick'.....dont buy the Meguiars 'bike' polish though.....NXT will do you (wink)
  17. [​IMG]

    Did it today with Autosol polish - has made a HUGE difference. Check out the furthest pipe compared to the others. The camera flash makes it look quite bad but it looks amazing in the sunlight ;)

    Took about 45mins to an hour to do all four, so you people with twins should be able to knock it over quicker. Worth the effort.
  18. My GOD that cb400 at the top is gorrrrrrjuzzzz.....
  19. Steel wool ay.... I used a few unpaired socks. Might go redo them with the wool and see how they come up.