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Polished Rims... worth the hassle?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lectre, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hey all.
    I'm thinking about buying a bike that has polished rims at the moment, and was wondering how hard they are to keep shiny? Obviously our good friend Mr. Brake Dust is going to accumulate, but are the polished rims any harder than an ordinary powder coated wheel to keep clean?

  2. Ask yourself:

    How often do you wash your bike?

    Are you reluctant washing your bike or do you love washing it?

    I think the answer will be clear after that and I will stick to my black wheels :grin:
  3. Im never ever getting a bike again with white rims!

    Polished rims look awesome, but the effort to keep them looking there best!

    Black rims for me next :)
  4. Does anyone have any idea on how much powdercoating costs for a pair of wheels? Can you get a shiny finish with powsercoating?
  5. You can get gloss finish powdercoats.

    Budget around $100 per wheel from a general powdercoater. More if you go to a 'big name' wheels only place.

    Be careful powdercoating though, it's hard to repair if chipped, like some careless places when changing your tyre.
  6. No way around it - polished rims are a biatch to keep clean. The only good thing is that they're easier than WHITE rims.
    Electromold will nickel anodise your rims if you want the shiny effect without the hard labour in cleaning, but it's pretty exxy.
  7. I have polished rims on my bike and they do look good, but they are a pain in the arse to keep looking good. I wash my bike after every ride and polish the rims with Mothers metal polish and I still can't keep them looking as good as I would like.

    My next bike will not have polished rims. It will have black rims with rim stickers.
  8. Hmm, dunno, maybe my bike's special or something.. :?

    I would give my polished rims a once over every month or so with a cloth to remove any major road grime and give them an actual polish once a year. They still look as good as the day they were done..
  9. i got teh rim lips of my buell polished and then had hte rim glisten coated. a very hard tough finish. the rims look great and require no further attention other than the usual wipe down.

    and a hell of a lot cheaper than electroplating. i think from memory my rims to paint the centre, polish the lip and then glisten coat was a total of about 400 bucks. the electroplate option was about 1550.
  10. It takes all of about 10 minutes once a week. Then again that's more time cleaning than some people spend all year. :)
  11. Did that include removal and re-fitting of the tyre?
  12. no. i had the rims off already.
  13. I had polished rims on my old bike
    trick is to not let the water sit on the rim if they get wet, apart from that I cleaned them properly once every month or so, no problems :)