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Police Wrong? No...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flylo, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I don't know if you have seen this, but I was on the floor laughing when I read the RAF's reply.


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  2. I wasnt aware that a sidewinder was used as an air to ground weapon... though i believe testing was done on it for this purpose.
    Also, given its a heatseeker, and not a missile that homes in on preset coordinates like an AGM maverick etc and/or a radar beam rider like a HARM... (or their countries variants of these weapons of course...) i suspect the poor cops were just being trolled.
  3. i came across that a while ago, but i'm with Messy on this about the police being trolled. Sidewinders are a short range heat seeking missile and obviously not sensitive enough to the cops body heat.

    but what i don't get is....why would a fighter armed to full payload would be doing sorties over a built up area with the tactical computer activated to retaliate to threats automatically.

    But then again, a fighter pilot does not expect to have a police radar gun pointed at it!!!

    and only if that jamming technology/equipment was available to us riders :p
  4. This story (urban myth) has been doing the rounds since 1995 (maybe even earlier). Variations have it occurring in California with a F/A-18 Hornet armed with an air-to-ground missile.
  5. Yeah sounds about right lol.
    Im sure some people out there would be dumb enough to get trolled by it haha.
  6. The same tired old urban myth

    back in the old days it was a battleship and a lighthouse.....
  7. i haven't heard that yet!!!
    maybe i'm showing my age :angel:

  8. no, I'm showing MINE :LOL:
  9. That'd be the one where the cocky American captain was trying to tell the lighthouse to change his course to avoid a collision, right? ;)
  10. Thats the one,

    He should have let it fire the missile,

    Stop them pointing radars at people,
  11. I remember first reading that joke over a decade ago ...


  12. Seems like even NATO hate speed cameras.
  13. This get posted about 5 times a year on here.... But still makes for good reading
  14. First time I have seen that one, definitely entertaining
  15. Much earlier. I first saw a version some time in the mid 80s and I doubt if it was new then.
  16. That link states it is false.

    The above link traces it as far back as a 1939 publication. No doubt it's older.
  17. Just to clarify, I'm talking about the radar/missile one. I hadn't come across the lighthouse one until much more recently. Bollocks though it is, it is funny.

    There was a military radar/150 mph Vincent story back in the 50s.
  18. I know, I was quoting the link but neglected to include quote tags, now fixed.
  19. Ah, that makes more sense.

    I was trying to think how far one could stretch this turn of the tables, and different versions of it in different contexts, and then I was reminded of the words, in huge letters, painted across building-site barriers covering Melbourne Uni on Swanston Street about ten years ago:

    Nietzsche is dead - God.