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Police warning signals?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wedge, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. As riders do we have any type police warning wave that we can warn others about approaching police???
    Cars have their flash light thing going, what do we have....
    Ideas anyone?

  2. finger in the air and twirl around like a siren.

    close to looking like this -> [-X
  3. Yeah, lasso with finger in air.

    As well as the traditional patting down to motion to slow down.
  4. yes but you'd also be looking like you'd like to tap my booty. which would make me a little uncomfortable.
  5. I had a guy give me the pat down signal on the Old Pacific HWY on Sunday. I knew what he meant, slowed down and sure enough, unmarked police car not too far up the road.

    Thanks to the rider of the yellow ducati btw :)
  6. bikes have high beam too, why can we just use that as well?

  7. It is illegat to "dazzle" your lights to warn of police ahead. I guess the same applies to the "lasso finger". Note that the "lasso finger" could also be a warning to fellow riders that there heading into a "windy straight" ! :wink:
  8. damn straight.
    laugh in the face of any officer who charges you for this. let him take a day off work to come to court to give evidence and prove you weren't doing it to warn of upcoming dangerous conditions.