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QLD Police warn bikers are time bombs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by NedKellyAUS, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Police warn bikers are time bombs


    SIX motorcyclists who outran Gold Coast police over the new year weekend were 'time bombs ready to explode', a senior traffic officer warned yesterday.

    Gold Coast police traffic co-ordinator acting Inspector Paul Biggin said the fastest of the bikes had been clocked at 212km/h on the Mundoolin Connection Road near Tamborine.

    "At that sort of crazy speed they will not be able to corner, and if you and your family are coming the other way in your sedan, they will go straight through you," he said.

    "Not only will they kill themselves, they will take out your whole family, so they really are time bombs on our roads.

    "We just find it amazing that people want to travel at speeds that high and endanger their own lives as well as other road users."

    Another motorcyclist 'flew past a police car at warp speed' on Smith Street Southport at an estimated 200km/h, at 8.30pm on Monday.

    And another was believed to be doing 200km/h plus when spotted by a police motorcycle trainer heading north on the M1 at Coomera between 6pm and 7pm on Monday.

    Insp Biggin said police had clocked another motorcyclist at 127km/h in a 70km/h zone on Beaudesert-Nerang Road at Witheren.

    "Police activated their lights and sirens and he increased his speed to 162km/h while still in the 70km/h zone," he said. "Then he overtook two vehicles on the wrong side of the road.

    "In another one we failed to intercept, the motorcyclist was doing 164km/h in a 100km/h zone near Canungra and he had a pillion passenger with him."

    Police sources told The Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday that the only way bikes travelling at these speeds could be successfully dealt with was with a police helicopter.

    "It (police helicopter) works in Melbourne and Sydney ... has for years, and there is no reason it would not work here as well, and it is an obvious police tool that could save lives," said one officer who would not be named.

    "But because the issue is so political in Queensland, our bosses won't go there at all, but in 2007 we should be able to radio one on the M1 or wherever and stop this crazy speeding ."

    On New Year's Day evening, police were shocked when a female driver crashed her car into a ditch on Ponds Road, Tanah Merah .

    "When she was asked to blow into the machine, she recorded an amazing 0.341, which is nearly seven times the limit," said Insp Biggin.

    "Another noteworthy one was when our officers pulled up another female driver at 1.30am and she had reading of 0.149 and there was her six-month-old baby was on the back seat."

    He said traffic officers booked 33 drink-drivers on New Year's Day night along with 32 over New Year's Eve and the morning of January 1.

    "Since the Christmas/New Year holiday road blitz period began on December 22, the Gold Coast district has had one fatality near Beenleigh and there have been 33 injury accidents with 50 people injured," he said.

    "Gold Coast police have carried out more than 27,000 random breath tests with a total of 138 drink-drivers detected.

    We have issued 1796 speeding tickets and 154 drivers have been booked for not wearing seat belts and there have been 2191 other traffic offences detected."

    The special holiday traffic operation ends at midnight on January 5.
  2. Catch 22 situation.

    They attempt to haul riders in. This causes them to increase speed further again thus increasing risk of something happening.

  3. hahahaha, outrun by 6 bikes...you would of thought they would of atleast got one, espically with a cop bike involved.

    must of been some damn fine riding...or just plain luck
  4. Re: Police warn bikers are time bombs ->gold coast bullet

    nice to know we're almost untouchable. \:D/
  5. Re: Police warn bikers are time bombs ->gold coast bullet

    Cop quote of the month! Imagine overtaking a vehicle on the wrong side of the road :roll:
  6. Re: Police warn bikers are time bombs ->gold coast bullet

    that is a great quote - what a crazy idiot overtaking a car.

    :driver: / :biker:
  7. So they are letting speeding motorcycles get away and reporting their failures to the papers to draw political support because they want a helicopter.

    ... and WE get busted for trying to enjoy our toys :shock:
  8. G'day everyone........

    I might seem dumb here,.....but is'nt this what Rego plates are for?
    Should'nt thay have made note of the rego number and then have someone waighting for them when thay come home?
    Thats the way I always understood it. :-k
    Unless rego plates are just there for revenue raiseing purposess?......

    Dr Who?
  9. unfortunately we don't wear blue uniforms.......
  10. hmmmmmmmmmm

    i was outside my house yesterday with my 3 year old son when a cop car...... sirens blairing flew past us doing at least 150 kph a 50 zone :?

    where is the safety there :?: :?: :?: :?:

    i know they have sirens and lights tp warn you but by the time i heard it and it passed us was only seconds........enough time for a kid to run on the residential street i live on

    maybe they should look at themselves too :idea:
  11. All this speeding but no corresponding deaths? Take note, Bracks. :p
  12. If everyone that did speed was killed, no-one would do it. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because no-one got clobbered during the day or two of this "report" that it ain't going to happen.

    Just like if everyone that did speed was booked every time, no-one would do it. People push the limits because they reckon they can get away with it. And they do most of the time. But every now and then the numbers catch up with you and you get booked. Just like every now and then the numbers catch up with you and you have an accident. If this happens at speed, sayonara.
  13. I think the cops were...

  14. Yep, we're ALL naughty motorcycle riders aren't we :roll: Isn't that what they are making out in this article?

    Hey............didn't we prosecute some cops for drugs offences here in Victoria recently? WOW, all cops must be naughty drug dealers then 'eh.

    Oh, and someone better tell those MotoGP boys that they can't corner at 200kmh on a motorbike :LOL:
  15. A bunch of cops have been done for drink driving up here in QLD, Now i think that is alot more dangerous for other people on the road then riding a bike fast -> you never hear of a bike hitting a car and killing people in it.

  16. Sorry to be a smart a$$ but

    Yes, but it still doesnt make it right for us to speed, break the law etc
  17. Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac
    Yeah, the boy's a time bomb

  18. Don't end up like this. :shock: :shock:
  19. Throw in a litre class or a busa and I think they might have some problems.. :grin:
  20. Agreed, the bikes they were chasin were probably only 600's or something and they are already talking choppers... They better invest in a harrier jump jet too then so they can catch the first guys and then hover to get plates haha :p