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ACT Police Use Traffic Cameras To Track Suspects

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Vertical C, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Interesting part is without warrant.

  2. I agree. Bypassing the courts leaves it all open to abuse and corruption.
  3. I can't see why they'd need a warrant or court order to use the images from cameras that the public are (or should be) aware off. They already use them to convict driving offences, what's the difference.

    It's not like they are filming you in secret is it.
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  4. What's the difference between this and CCTV cameras on every street corner? The Police will use all means available to track people suspected of crime.
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  5. There is a massive difference between P2P and CCTV cameras and what their intention is.
  6. Really you cannot see the difference?

    So because they use phone conversations to convict some people they shouldnt need a warrant to tap into anyones calls?
  7. It's you that can't see the difference. A phone call is private between two parties. A car is in a public place and the camera only takes a pic of the plate area of the vehicle, you can't identify the persons in the vehicle. It's been used 6 times to help identify vehicles used in aggravated robberies and such. Get over it.
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  8. great idea! i don't see any issue with it and couldn't care how many cameras they use and where they use them to catch criminals committing acts such as those described.

    P2P cameras are like speed and CCTV cameras in terms of them being placed in a public place where you are allowed to be photographed without consent. If they set up cameras in peoples homes however to target crimes for example that's a different story altogether.
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  9. The use the traffic monitoring cameras on major arterials for exactly the same thing. I don't see any issue with it as the cameras are in a public place much like CCTV. Just because their main purpose is for traffic infringements it is still in the public.
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  10. They could track you in real time with number recognition, how can someone do that at the moment. If you can only track the vehicle not the person why do the cops want it?

    If a rogue cop doesnt like you because you are sleeping with his wife and decides to track you and you end up dead. They cant track you at the moment, so your death is because of this.

    A warrant would solve all the concerns, there are checks and balance.
  11. I've heard this happen on my police scanner. Police were after a man threatening suicide driving a vehicle on the pacific highway and they radio room called over the radio that the car was spotted passing a certain p2p camera @ xxx time (20mins or so had passed from memory)
  12. If a rogue cop doesnt like you because you are sleeping with his wife and decides to track you and you end up dead. They cant track you at the moment, so your death is because of this.

    A warrant would solve all the concerns, there are checks and balance.[/quote]

    Police have to log in before having any access to the 'intranet' and every key stroke is traceable. Therefore if one did misuse the system to track someone down without lawful excuse, he/she wouldn't be policing for much longer.

    Sleeping with a cop's wife, or for that matter a big ugly bikie's wife, may not be conducive to a stress free life....
  13. The beige are out in force tonight

  14. How does that help if you are already dead? What if you didnt even know.

    Why wont the cameras work just because a warrant is needed?
  15. Try to explain that to the victim's family C.
  16. I am the victim, what about my family? I was totally innocent, there is no law against adultery. This is not biblical times.

    Any other victims family will be prevemted from loss once the warrant is processed.

    Beige is people towing the government line not thinking for themselves.
  17. It's an example of function creep and an example of the government NOT having a conversation with the people about the intentions of the technology. They should cop some heat for that.

    It's like myki cards - civil libertarians pointed out the potential abuse of the system, police poo pooed the idea... and yet, police are doing exactly that.



    (Just a couple of hits)

    Police are working on a national ANPR grid - the privacy issues are huge. I suspect they are taking the "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" card. We should be concerned.
  18. Yes, very concerned. A friend of mine hooked up with a colleague who had separated from her cop husband. The ex became violent so she moved in with mate. Using police resources ex tracked her down and after drugging their kid chained her to the car and drove it off a pier. Luckily she managed to get out, ex will be out in about two years. Mate was wondering if he should move interstate but know the guy's connections will have him find them regardless. He's already had threats from 'unknown' sources...
  19. VC your argument is hardly relevant. There are easy was to find out where people live etc etc. the debt recovery industry has access to data bases that make the Police jelous. No warrant required.
    So maybe check what occupation the husband has before you cut his grass
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