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Police use "retained readings" to shaft road users. [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Envy-t, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Geeeeeeeee!!! I'm pretty sure I mentioned this several times in several other threads somewhere!!!!!!!!!!

    Fukn pigs!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: this is why I keep saying, radar and laser equipment should have an image/video of the car/bike it tracks with the exact speed reading at the time. I've said this for many years, wonder if now people will believe me...??
  2. Fukn dogs... I'm so sick of the fines they've been giving out. I've been recently stung 2 times in 1 week in the exact same spot goin to work in the morning - bout $480 bux worth.

    Would they rather I don't work and just sit on the dole? Fukn ****s. I'm over it.
  3. yeh. they should stop police from doing radar and build cameras which take your picture instead. logical thought process hmm?
  4. No Lilley, they should make sure that the readings are time/date stamped as they do with the greed cameras. Wouldn't be hard for the manufacturer of said equipment to implement.

    I am constantly "discussing" this type of thing with my wife. The police should be beyond reproach, and the slightest of misgivings should be dealt with very very hard.

    Reminds of a great song from the early 90's by the group NWA!
  5. I got a speeding fine last year for 106kmh in a 100 zone in my Kombi Van. I went to civic compliance to get a copy of the image, because I didn't believe them, and the image I received didn't have the data in the corner like they used to.

    Could've been taken on any old digital camera at any time.

    I couldn't help but get the feeling that they were keeping the data secret so it couldn't be used against them, or at the very least If I were to challenge it I'd have to go to court to see it.


    Welcome to 1984.

  6. This one has been doing the rounds ever since the first radar gun was introduced into Victoria, and even with amphometers.

    Stories that I've heard:

    * operators speeding at say, 120 km/h and aiming the gun at a road sign, then parking further up and using that "reading".

    * operators pulling over motorists, showing the reading when requested but refusing to reset it at the driver's request, thus calling into question the validity of that driver's alleged offence.

    * bouncing the gun off mirrors back at approaching vehicles behind them and booking them based on that reading.

    Of course, they're only "stories", ergo, possibly myths. But who really knows other than the cops who actually perform these duties?

    Whatever, it does call into question the integrity of the police when you hear stuff like this. And right now, the police cannot afford the lack of public confidence, particularly when its head is being seen as a talking head for the police minister and premier.
  7. Several years ago (well prior to speed cameras being introduced) A hand held speed camera was being tested (played with) at a Touring Car round at Sandown at the end of the main straight.

    The guy testing the thing wanted to try it with vehicles doing more than the usual 100-110 km/h (more like 250 km/h).

    The camera was connected to a cumbersome laptop (well they were big back then) and a car battery to supply power and you could see the photo & date stamp on the laptop screen.

    You cant tell me they cant put a small LCD screen on the rear of the radar/laser unit as the back of the unit isn't much different in size to a SatNav unit.
  8. Did it at least have the speed on it???

    Coz getting a Kombi to 106 is a photo worth framing, mate!
  9. Did I say 106? I meant 111kmh :grin:


    See what I mean about how dodgy their data is? It's not the little superimposed data square thing anymore, they just get the work experience kid to type some crap over a picture of a freeway.


    ...know any good picture framers? \\:D/
  10. Yeah, but only up here in Sydney, sry.

    That's cool. I should dig up my old speeding fine photo and get it blown up and framed if it has the data on it.

    The mightyMazda did a solid 92 in a 50 zone. Oops.
  11. your a solid d*ckhead for doing that speed a 50zone, which is assumably a back street where kids might run out onto the road.
  12. Or an empty industrial zone at night, posing no danger to anyone.

    I think its BS to be able to book people without video or photographic evidence that the number is linked to you speicifically. A bullet camera attached to the radar gun or similar would provide people with alot more confidence in the readings. The only time I was done, the reading was higher than what my speedo was indicating, and I know for a fact that my speedo overread, not underread.(and by at least 5%).
  13. Not in NSW... 50 is the default speed on urban roads, so it could have been just about anywhere. Most frustrating is the Princes Highway at Heathcote - as in the main road from Wollongong to Sydney. This stretch of road goes from 100 to 70 and then 50 (previously 70) in a relatively short distance - before going back to 70 - with the sole reason of appeasing locals who complained after a cyclist was hit and killed.
  14. Cops abusing power? Next thing you're going to tell me is that the sun's going to rise in the east! Pffft, as if!
  15. it only does that on sundays grue, and only every second one.
  16. also a couple other incidents i believe. including one involving a school kid, which was the main decider (insert rant about pedestrians stepping onto a road without looking - not to mention a 6 lane highway). anyway, that stretch is so heavily patrolled its not worth even thinking about speeding through there. It is frustrating though. 50 feels so slow after 100.

    Your sarcasm reader mate, turn it on. ;)

    I agree. would not be hard to link the laser with a IR camera or laptop to get reading and image.
  17. I hate this BS about the speed limit needing to be lowered because someone dies. Sure it sucks and is unfortunate, but doesn't call for a reduction in speed limit to 50. For that bit of road its crazy, the design speed is so much higher, even taking into account its urban environment. 60 absolute minimum, under that is insanity.
  18. You sir, need to have a bex and a good lie down.
  19. The TMU are nothing but a worthless, corrupt, revenue raising bunch of low life, shit-eating bottom dwellers!
    .. and that's on a good day