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Police to target Cereal Offenders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by killerb, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. About ****ing time.

    For a second i thought you misspelt serial and was gonna flame the crap out of you, but, ya know.

    BTW great color scheme on your bike.
  2. I find it worrying that they're intending to "crackdown" on this. Because the implication of that is that, up to now, if they saw it happening they wouldn't necessarily pull the offender over and nail them to the wall.

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  3. I used to know a guy who'd eat his breakfast in the car (while driving). Not talking a piece of toast either. He'd have a coffee (mug) and eggs on toast etc... (knife and fork etc). He never drove slow either... mad man he was.

    I was splitting past a car a few weeks ago, doing about 50 I guess (car not me). Driver reading a book. Wish I had my camera on for that.
  4. Cheers mate
  5. These people present an even greater call for us to fit stebels to our bikes, or carry airhorns. Give em a blast and they'll spill their breakfast all over themselves, poke themselves in the eye with their eyeliner or cut themselves shaving...
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  6. about bloody time....I was knocked off my bike by a jerkoff eating his toast
  7. Can't wipe your arse in this country anymore without someone telling you which direction you should polish.
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  8. Thats what i am talking about!=D>
  9. I hope the cops grill these wankers eating brekkie instead of driving and toast their licence. Their brains must be scrambled to think that they could juiced get away with it.

    Okay that is enough. I am sorry.
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  10. I think you've milked that one enough
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  11. I'm troubled by the number of comments under that article implying that this would be somehow impinging on drivers' rights or taking away their 'fun'. Can't wait to get a new bike and one of those awesome horns and give all those people on their phones a good parping!
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  12. Memories of my 2010 Sydney -> Brisbane run resurface. On the Pacific Highway, just past Lane Cove, I observe this white hatchback merging, then mindlessly drifting across from lane 1 to lane 3. Upon closer examination, the 'driver' is busy tackling his big fricking bowl filled to the brim with oats.

    Perfect occasion for my Stebel to make its presence known :twisted:
  13. I suspected that might be the case but didn't bother to look 'cos I find reading the Telegraph comments sections to be about as enjoyable as immersion in a vat of boiling excrement.

    Followed a young lady a couple of weeks ago who spent a good 2km steering with one knee whilst doing her hair with both hands. In dense but 60 km/h peak hour traffic.
  14. you guys just wish you had these advanced driving skills. dont hate the player hate the game.
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  15. Now, if you're pulled over riding while eating cereal, do you they give a high-five or a ticket?
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  16. Motherf*ckers. Now I'm going to have to get up earlier & eat my maccas in the car park, that's just bullshit.

    Maybe I can get an open face helmet & a cupholder & tray table for the bike... :-k
  17. My worst observation in all my years on the road was a few years ago on the F6 Freeway out of Wollongong, 6:00am on a winter morning, still dark, and a reasonable fog prevailing, a Mazda 323 flew past me at about 130 kays with the interior light on and the driver reading the newspaper which was spread across his steering wheel.
  18. Maybe even hashed it up a bit ?