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Police to monitor cyclists from the air

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. The cops are going to come down hard on the Beach Road "Hell Ride" from the sounds of it...

    Police Media release just in.

    10 July 2007


    It won’t be a bird or a plane but rather a helicopter up in the sky this month when the Victoria Police Air Wing commences aerial patrol of the ‘Hell Ride’ cycle route along Beach Road.

    The first patrol will be on Saturday, July 14 with two more to follow on July 21 and August 4. The patrols will operate between 7am and 8.30am on these days.

    The Air Wing’s involvement follows on from their participation in a number of traffic operations in regional Victoria through out June. The first patrol of the ‘Hell Ride’ was planned for June 30 and had to be cancelled due to the Air Wing’s involvement in emergency evacuations at the Gippsland floods.

    State Bicycle Coordinator Acting Sergeant Arty Lavos said the aerial patrol was a way of proactively monitoring the popular cycle route.

    “Cyclists along Beach Road have dramatically increased over the past two years and police believe this is a trend that will continue due to issues of health and wellbeing, increased cost of driving and other social and cultural benefits,†A/Sgt Lavos said.

    “Victoria Police has consistently monitored and enforced breaches of the road rules by cyclists along this route for a number of years using a variety of methods.

    “The deployment of the police Air Wing to conduct aerial surveillance of the route is one of the methods used and we believe it has a significant positive impact on the cyclists involved.â€

    The Air Wing will fly over cyclists on the route and monitor the traffic, then report any breaches of the road rules to traffic police travelling in vehicles below who are then able to intercept the cyclists.

    A/Sgt Lavos said the number of cyclists participating in the ride traditionally dropped off during winter, however the last sample count conducted identified around 8000 riders in over 200 significant bunches.

    He also warned that police would be targeting a range of offences from penalty notices through to other serious offences regarding the conduct of road users.

    “The use of the police Air Wing gives us a broader perspective on how the cyclists are travelling collectively and potentially puts a stop to any problems before they occur,†A/Sgt Lavos said.

    “The ‘Hell Ride’ has gained a certain level of notoriety in past years and the use of the Air Wing reinforces Victoria Police’s commitment to road safety along this route.

    “However it is also the responsibility of all road users – both cyclists and motorists – to obey the road rules at all times and show consideration for others who are travelling the same route.

    “The small percentage of people who choose to disregard this will be dealt with by police and with the Air Wing i operation, there is no chance that you won’t be caught.â€
  2. Yeaaaaaah................

    Good luck with that.

    What a poor use of resources.
  3. Thanks for that. I sometimes use this road for a "stretch of the legs" when I don't feel good enough to hit the hills/twisties and just feel like a leisurely spin somewhere close to me. Even trying to ride at legal speeds, "correct" riding, extra police presence can sometimes turn nasty ("random" licence check, examing of bike to see it's 100% ADR which may bring about getting pinged for something minute/stupid with a costly reminder about it. Such as not having a mudguard and/or back light for the rego plate that conforms to the somewhat strict ADRs).

    So I will make sure I won't go around this area on those dates. I sometimes take Emma on a pillion ride around here as well as it's somewhere "easy to ride" so she can take in the sights without needing to take as much in as she can quickly due to spirited speeds which sometimes happen by accident when one is in an area where there aren't any other people or vehicles :-w I usually hate riding on weekends anyway, too many "weekend warriors" (in cars or bikes) and just way too much traffic to have a "nice run" in most places. I sometimes say thanks for having a long term injury which allows me to ride at times, it's great for mid-week runs and not encountering that much traffic :grin: I just gotta time my pain meds so I'm not flying high on them when on the bike, being "affected" whilst riding a motorbike is a big no no for me [-X No need for me to get any more injuries "simply" because I was a bit in la la land and decided to go for a ride, :eek:
  4. Seeing that most of Beach Rd has a separate bike lane completely off the road perhaps they need to bring in a law that if a bicycle lane is provided then it's illegal to ride on the roadway and they must use the bike lanes.

    That would slow them down as the bike lane is pretty narrow :wink:
  5. "air unit to ground unit... target is proceeding south on beach rd wearing multi coloured lycra on a what looks to be some sort of road bike.... "

    well that narrowed the search... :)

    "sir can we see some ID?"
    "sorry officer it must be in my other pants"

    once again foiled again
  6. Well sure..but are they going to pay attention to the fookwit drivers that don't pay attention also?
  7. Are we not required to carry some form of identification at all times or am I confusing Victoria for a Police state??

    It's easy, confiscate the bike, give them a receipt and tell them to go to such and such police station to pick the bike up and their ticket at the same time when they present their ID :wink:
  8. Good luck targeting one out of 8000 bikes from the air. And even if they did do that, they couldn't prove you'd done anything if you were pulled over..
  9. In terms of riding on the road cyclists must stick to bicycle lanes if one is provided. There's no requirement to ride on an off-road path (given the numbers it's not feasible either).

    247. Riding in a bicycle lane on a road
    (1) The rider of a bicycle riding on a length of road with a bicycle lane designed for bicycles travelling in the same direction as the rider must ride in the bicycle lane unless it is impracticable to do so.
    Penalty: 1 penalty unit.

    Combine that with this

    253. Bicycle riders not to cause a traffic hazard
    The rider of a bicycle must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path
    of a driver or pedestrian.
    Penalty: 1 penalty unit.

    and if they enforced them the government's revenue would double... :LOL:

    I suspect that the hoon legislation would probably cover bicycles as well so they probably could confiscate bicycles if they are racing - that would be an interesting sight on beach road. Watching the cops try to pack up 1000 or so bicycles. :roll:
  10. This is the best way to target cyclists from the air

    Of course if it could be adapted to fire paintballs or rubber bullets then you'd have something that'd keep everyone happy ;).
  11. No. That would just move the Hell Ride to somewhere else.
  12. nar then it would be called the hell run :)