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Police targeting questionable defects !

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TYRUSS, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Hi I have just found out from a reliable source that the Police will be using 70 cops and unmarked vehicles with internal camera's mounted along the Nerang-Murwillumbaa Rd over the 3rd & 4th of March (you have been warned) they are targeting all the dangerous stuff like rear mudguards,braided brake lines,mufflers etc. I'm sure that you will be o.k. if you are riding a brand new bike in shorts and thongs with quiet mufflers.
    It seems that the QLD. Police is doing it's best to loose all respect from QLD riders, is it the same in other states ?

  2. Police had respect from riders? :?
  3. What's up with braided brake lines? Thought they were a good thing. :eek:
  4. If you are running braided brake lines they must have the yellow tag on them to show they are legal and conform to ADR's.
    At least in SA thats how it works
  5. So, it's not so much that they're targetting braided lines, but rather, those not certified for use on vehicles driven/ridden on Australian roads?
  6. Bingo.
  7. Over the past few days I have heard of several people getting yellow cannerys on their bikes here in Vic... I think they are on a war path lately...
  8. And the fact that most of the legal ones have the yellow tags taken off for looks, and that then makes them illegal
  9. Police still wasting their time, just fund-raising, eh? So what's new? :roll: :roll:
  10. Tough one that... I certainly agree with the "fund raising" aspect of speed cameras (I know all of my fines have been well under the 10% margin ei: 106 in a 100 zone) but considering how many posts I've read in various threads here about people riding with bald tyres etc. then there has to be some validity to the checks.
    Monash Uni stats show a large number of single bike accidents revealing those bikes with bald/unroadworthy tyres and although I'd suggest that it's just natures way of getting rid of stupid people, the police have a responsibility to ensure cars, trucks AND bikes are roadworthy.
    Mind you I'll be shattered if I get done for noise when I fit those new Staintunes to the VFR :)
  11. If I had a bike that they couldn't defect I would be tempted to ride back and forth in front of them wearing speedo's, thongs and a half face helmet. I'd bet I wouldnt get pulled over for that, however the guy wearing all the good gear who has trimmed his rear guard will.
  12. duh, its all about the safety, sheesh ](*,)
  13. They'd have a field day with my speedo :LOL: :cool: