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QLD Police targeting bikes on the western freeway this am??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dcm, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Apparently, police were pulling over bikes on the Western Freeway after Moggill Rd during this morning's rush hour. They're easy to spot then as they are the only vehicles moving.

    They've been known to hang out there before - usually looking to turn lane splitting into cash or maybe pull bikes using the emergency lane but my partner texted me from her (stationary) bus saying that they seemed to be pulling in ALL bikes indiscriminately.

    The local rag (admiittedly unreliable) also implied that ALL bikes were getting pulled:


    Anyway, as it made an already horrendous traffic situation even worse, apparently it got abandoned. I missed the show as aware of the traffic mayhem, I stayed off the road until later on in the morning.

    Anybody know what was happening?

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  3. yep every bike was getting pulled.
    from what i understand they knew it would be chaos with the dead train line so they were specifically targeting filtering bikes
  4. Fuggen carns.
  5. free translink tomorrow means the roads will be empty!

    oh wait.. nvm
  6. Yep, I heard about it early morning, went over Cootha instead. :D

    Anyone actually get booked from anything? I saw a second of chopper footage with two bikes pulled over on the news last night, but nothing specifically mentioned the bikes.
  7. Well, when I went past later I saw a motorbike parked there. I also heard reports that the police arrested an unlicensed rider. 2 + 2 = ?

    As to whether they were fining people for filtering, I'll leave that to someone else whether to report - it seems from the QPS facebook page that that (fining people for filtering) is what got them out of bed yesterday morning.

    On another note, you said that you heard about it early in the morning. How did you hear, 'cause I wouldn't mind that sort of handy info...
  8. I work shift, so my replacement was going the other direction (Moggill way) and saw it. Mentioned it to me just before I left. Should have thought to post here.

    Interesting thought - does NetRider have any way of quickly notifying other riders of situations like this, other than the forums? I'm not sure how many people check the forums before getting out of bed and going to work :p
  9. I usually get out of bed before checking forums, but if it's any consolation I don't usually put any pants on until about lunchtime...
  10. Having the Tv as my computer monitor at the end of my bed means I can netride in bed without clothes
  11. I was thinking about this last night - it would be good if there was some plugin for GPS systems that could crowdsource not just warnings about Police activity, but also updates on road surface faults (ie. the GPS will warn you about an upcoming pothole in the left lane because someone logged it that morning).

    I should look around if there's something like that.
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    Is it any wonder the gridlock that was caused on the Western Freeway when the cops did that sting...look at this youtube footage from the 7 news chopper showing how they basically blocked off the whole freeway in order to pull motorcycles off the road: