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Police Squids (NSW)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ham, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. There has been a lot of discussion lately about the introduction of compulsory wearing of full gear. I would have thought it would be the policy of most organisations employing people to ride to have some kind of full gear rules to reduce workers compensation claims, time of work if crashed, etc.

    To get to my point, I've seen a few police bikes around recently and all the riders were wearing standard uniforms (with helmet and gloves of course). I thought it odd that the police are wearing short sleeved shirts, when they should be setting an example for the rest of us. Does anyone have any insight into this? It would be interesting if some police reprimand riders they have pulled over the lack of full gear, when those in their own organisation who ride bikes are not required to.

  2. Police are often required to stop riding in the course of their duties: gear may increase discomfort and fatigue, or hamper movement off the bike.

    They are provided more training than standard road users.

    They did trial light summer jackets years and years ago, but making them mandatory was abandoned to personal police officer's preference, after one of them fell off and had the material melt into his skin.

    Same as speeding, dude - different rules for us and them.
  3. I don't understand this comment. Is there a law in NSW that says you have to wear all the gear. If you want to squid no one can stop you.
  4. I agree totally that the police should be setting an example. After all, it's them who have to scape motorcyclists off the road who've not worn protective gear. It doesn't matter if every rider had the talents of Valentino Rossi, it's the other idiots on the road you can't count on.

    I agree that a certain level of protection should be implemented - exactly what, I'm not sure but enough to protect those who somehow believe they will never fall off. Surely the slight day to day discomfort of protective gear is better than the possibility being hospitalised with half your body de-gloved - and the Police should know better.
  5. I ride as part of work, and am required to wear long pants, a jacket, boots, full face helmet and gloves. I would think that officers would engage in more high risk riding than me in the course of their job- e.g chases, fast riding in traffic, high speed filtering and splitting etc. and thus would be more in need of protective gear than me. I don't believe that a practical, functional uniform cant be found. Heck, if they wore leather jackets and had to leave them on the bike when they dismounted, I still don't see the problem. Who would steal gear off a police bike?
  6. Coppers don't fall off much.

    Besides, I'm utterly opposed to compulsion for any protective clothing on a bike, so I'm certainly not going to start squealing about this.
  7. I will if they make it compulsary for the rest of us.. something I don't believe they will.

  8. Well, yes, but it's not the case yet and I agree with you that it's unlikely.
  9. Slippery slope there, my friend. Once you get coppers with compulsory safety gear, the rest of us won't be far behind. I would like to reserve my right to wear what I think appropriate using my own judgement, rather than having it rammed down my throat.
    Best left alone I think.

  10. I agree, but (there is always a but) as we all know there are some pretty stupid riders out there who would benefit from being forced to wear safety gear (even though i would rather them removed from the gene pool).
  11. I've been pulled over by cager police with others who've been drilled for not wearing leathers, kind of interesting when police riders set a crap example.

    This is from the old road;
    (from scottsgallery.com)
  12. I agree. I am against a compulsory safety gear law. I just found it odd that the only squidding biker I saw in the whole of last weekend was a cop.
  13. Yet again, I would ask those who believe that legislation should be introduced, to protect stupid riders from themselves, to stop and have a really good think about exactly where the logical conclusion to that course of action will be and whether motorcycles will be part of it at all.
  14. i thought police did have to wear leather jackets on the bikes?

    at least all the ones i have seen in vic seem to wear them.
  15. Not yet.

    But I should have said "standard" instead of "rule".
  16. Lets not confuse an OHS rule with "compulsary".

    Most people who ride bikes for a living "must" wear some safety gear.
  17. I had 3 bike cops pass me in the Lane Cove Tunnel yesterday,the first one was obviously older,3 striper in short sleeve shirt,the next 2 younger in Leather Jackets.It was 40c that day,my guess is they wear what some nob in purchasing picks as the uniform,anyone think that nob ever heard about vented gear.I vaguely remember the stink when they wanted full face helmets,
    they were riding Triumph twins at the time and some thought it less friendly with a full face helmet
  18. In the ACT the bike police are given the choice, they can wear leathers (issued) or the regular uniform. Would you want to wear full leathers for 10-12 hours at a time on a 30+ degree day? I know I wouldn't.

    They receive a ridiculous amount of training, and very very few ever come off.

    To say they should be setting an example by wearing full gear is ridiculous - it's a totally different situation to someone say commuting to work. I bet you take your gear off when you get to work after your 30 min ride, imagine sitting in your gear all day at work.
  19. Saw a scooterist down parramatta rd yesturday avo. topless, wearing thongs, shorts, full racing gloves and helmet. I dont understand why people squid and think some parts of their body are worth protecting more then other parts ](*,). Maybe he's a hand model and working on his body tan. its riders like this that get the government thinking about these sort of rules.
  20. If I could only choose one other piece of safety gear other than my helmet, it would definatly be gloves.