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Police seize 'hoon' bike after chase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Another unlicensed idiot. :evil:

    Police seize 'hoon' bike after chase
    January 1, 2007 - 9:27AM
    Police seized a motorbike under Victoria's hoon legislation last night after a 30km high speed chase in the state's south-east.
    A 35-year-old Bon Beach man is expected to face criminal and traffic related charges after the pursuit that began in the San Remo area about 9.15pm.
    Police said the unlicensed man was first seen wheel-standing near the Phillip Island Road and Bergin Grove intersection before heading east along the Bass Hwy.
    The rider reached excessive speeds and crossed double lines before abandoning the bike in King Street, Coronet Bay.
    He is expected to be charged on summons with conduct endangering life and driving in a dangerous manner.
    Police today said the motorcycle has been impounded under the hoon legislation.
  2. Was prolly some bloke on his dirt bike :roll:

    Why would you contemplate that sort of sh#t on NYE anywhere near PI? :roll: Pure DH.
  3. was probably drunk on vodka :p
  4. :LOL: I read that as a 30 km/h high speed chase. Was thinking, "that's not high speed."

    Maybe I should take more time when reading stuff. :LOL:
  5. I hear the Taliban are sending a fact-finding delegation to Victoria, so they can introduce the same traffic laws in Afghanistan. The delegation considered the laws to be 'too harsh and draconian' for the Taliban.
  6. Code:
    Police seize 'hoon' bike after chase
    An excellent and perfect example of good seizure laws being used. Well done to Victoria's finest.
  7. How dare he abandon his bike.
  8. I swear to god I'm going to get a 'Hoon' shirt made up....it's such a stupid noun.

    And bang on Geoff...he should've adhered to the Rider Samurai code (Bikeshido, or Bike-do) wherin faced with defeat, you must set fire to your bike and eat your leathers, lest they fall into the hands of the enemy....
  9. It's the 'selective policing' aspect of this that gets right up my nose. If someone had broken into this dill's house and stolen the bike, violating his rights of ownership, privacy, etc, the Police would have done nothing.

    That he is facing criminal AND traffic charges means that there must be more to this story, but it still highlights the partiality of justice in our society, at least at this level.....
  10. I know i never will, however i would like to know the facts about how the "hoon" act was applied. If my memory serves me right it specifies deliberate loss of traction. My concern is that the hoon act can be stretched to rapid acceleration if the police choose. Need to re-read.
  11. Add to that the question of it being applied to a rider not licenced and a vehicle not registered? Can the 'hoon' legislation be applied to me laying a big skid on my BMX?
  12. Hmmmmmmmmm.... some should have left his license plates in the caravan park and not stopped when the police pulled him over. My personal problem with the confiscation laws, is that if I was on my final chance before having any vehicle confiscated, there's no f'n chance I'm gonna pull over for the police when I otherwise would. Agree or disagree, I know these "hoon laws", I think these f'n laws are just going to cause pursuits that otherwise might not have happened
  13. As per the FAQ linked to in an above post ....

    Specifically, hoon-related offences are:
        * Improper use of a motor vehicle, where the driver has intentionally caused one or more tyres to lose traction.
        * Exceeding the speed limit by 45kmph or more (or travelling at over 145 kmph in a 110 kmph zone).
        * Engaging in an unauthorised race or speed trial on a road or spaces near a road that are open to the public.
        * Repeat incidents of driving whilst disqualified.
    The following will also be considered hoon-related offences if they are committed in circumstances involving the improper use of a motor vehicle:
        * dangerous driving;
        * careless driving;
        * failure to have proper control of the vehicle; and
        * causing the vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke.
    Rapid acceleration as a singular incident is not covered, unless it would be encompassed under unauthorised racing.
  14. As per the FAQ ... "Repeat incidents of driving whilst disqualified." So yup, get caught repeatably riding unlicensed and your likely to have the bike confiscated. That's a good thing.
  15. This guy, unlicensed, ran from police for around 20km through residential and tourist area's, and on a major highway. He would have been using dangerous riding. As a result he gets his bike confiscated for 48 hrs.

    And people complain that the hoons laws are a bad thing? My complaint would be that it's not used enough and the bike should not be returned. No sympathy for unlicensed riders .. when you see how much we are persecuted by the 'authorities' because of their high impact on our bike stats (but they don't see it as being un-rider ... just bike related)
  16. Jason, following the logic of this then Vic's recent post re doing 3 times the speed limit and Loz's off at a 100 kmh in the spur both qualify and their bikes Should be confiscated permanently?? I see a lot of selective judgement in the posts here at times. I should add I do not entirely disagree with your comments.
  17. Ouch, but good point :)
  18. Where did I claim that????

    Musta been stuck in 3rd :LOL:
  19. I Wish

    :grin: They stop pinchin my bikes as i have big trouble keepin em :? ....
  20. If he was unlicensed and in a residential area, then yeah he'd deserve it.

    Unless something has changed recently, the spur is a 100km/h zone