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Police release images to identify man possibly in relation to Kew Blvd tacs (VIC)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Reesa, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. What a fine outstanding citizen this person is...
  2. wont be long
  3. Hope they get him and part of his jail term is being rolled daily around passages covered in 1cm tacks. See how the prick likes it then....
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  4. Mentally unstable - check

    Are the police utilitsing the huge depth of unemployed artists in that area to do water paintings, instead of using camera's?
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  5. "Special forces" took six months the to get that picture released...
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  6. they were probably waiting to get a better image...
    is a fairly zoomed in (cropped) part of a larger image.. (duh :p )

    the car
  7. i think i just saw that exact car car go past, yellow plate thing on the back, two red lights, rear view mirrors!

    wait there goes another one

    and another

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  8. Maybe this images-10.
  9. Police believe man responsible for ‘tack attacks’ on Melbourne bike paths may be local

    Fresh information in the hunt for a man believed to be responsible for repeatedly placing tacks on popular bike paths on Yarra Boulevard in Kew over the last two years has led police to believe the suspect could live locally.

    “From the attire that he’s wearing, its 5.30am in the morning and he’s wearing boxer shorts, a singlet and no shoes. It’s unusual attire for someone that would be travelling a great distance,” Senior Sergeant Mike Standish said today.

    that's some serious detective work!

    Police believe their suspect was driving a 2015 VW Polo Golf, (narrows it down a bit)

    look for a car like this with a 30 year old D#ckhead driving :p
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  10. Do they realise that a Polo and a Golf are two different cars?
  11. obviously no...

    but both have VW badges and would be blowing smoke if diesels :p hard to tell the difference from behind :)
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  12. and just needed a bike pump and rubber tubing at 5am? :)
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  13. And probably wanted to break freeee..

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