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Police raid Swedish hosting company PRQ

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by minglis, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I went to log onto a torrent site I occasionally peruse (just to see what's going down in the world of course...)

    This was the message showing on their page:

    I checked it out further and also found this:


  2. But what about the effect it'll have on all those people who use torrent file sharing for legitimate purposes........:rofl:
  3. what about any other legitimate businesses hosting there? Last time the confiscated 180 servers just to try and get a handful of servers for piratebay. This shit just should not be allowed.
  4. But it wasn't the Police or Government that shut the legitimate servers down, so it's PRQ people should be angry with.

    Edit: I'm assuming my interpretation of the article is correct. In that in order to protect one client they knew to be engaged in illegal activity they have directly affected service to all of their legitimate business users. I could see a rather large class action suit coming out this.
  5. nothing illegal about hosting a torrent site.
  6. True, but the companies actions when the Police showed up make it pretty obvious they knew exactly what those torrents were being used for.

    This is how they got the Megaupload owners - on evidence that they were well aware of the illegality of the data they were hosting (plausible deniability is the key ;)).
  7. demon oid was also raided in the ukraine
  8. Raided and shut down... Never to return :(...… please won't someone think of the children!!
  9. i will miss it,
    was a piece of crap the diplomacy that caused it (supposedly)