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Police Radar Guns

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know if police radar guns take a photo of a speeding car? Say for example you were driving home, and doing around 20 over the limit, and you failed to notice a policeman holding up a radar gun on the side of the road, but drove by (after slowing down of course :)) and he didn't get in the car and chase you, is it possible he's gotten your rego plates and a fines in the mail, or does he need to chase after you? Just felt like posting a hypothetical question.

  2. Radar guns don't take photos. They don't dry your hair either.
  3. Nah don't sweat it. Some folk may try to tell you that they have your rego plate and will send a fine in the mail, but if they're too lazy to chase you, then they're too lazy to lick a stamp.
    You'll be fine (get it)
    :roll: sorry.

  4. Hope he got a shot of your best side as you flew by.....

    Seriously.....got done in my cage doing 22kmh over on the Picton Road recently. :shock: Funny thing is I pulled up at least 30 metres past his car, and he cautioned me that my voice was being recorded AND we were being video taped! Go figure!

    BTW: He downgraded the fine and the points penalty. Nice Policeman!
  5. If they didnt chase you or have another unit pull you up sleep easy.

    You could as in it's possible get a fine later but it's highly unlikely and easy to contest.

    There will not be a photo unless you supply it :LOL:
  6. i doubt you'll see a fine, dont they need your license number to identify you as the driver/rider?
  7. Nope. In Vic (at least) vehicle owners are guilty unless they nominate someone else as the driver :shock:
    Reg no is all thats required and if you watch to much American TV thats what you could have ment I guess :)
    Got that CBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR going yet?
  8. I think he has to or it's inadmissible as evidence, in the event you make a sudden confession about the jungle's worth of cocaine you've got in the top box or something.
  9. Ocean Grove police tell me with absolute certainty that all the registered owner of the vehicle needs to do is claim to have sold the vehicle without bothering to fill in any forms or paperwork and that they don't know who they sold it too. For this there are absolutely no consequenses whatsoever. :wink:

    Personaly, I think it suggests the car at fault might've been owned by the child of a local copper, but who am I to suggest Victoria's finest might be a little dodgy when it suits? :shock: