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Police radar gun

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by AznCruiser, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Need your input on this.

    At 7:25PM today going from A to B (on the map) I noticed a copper holding up a radar gun, hiding amongst some parked cars beside the road (location 8). Now this area of road goes over the M7 and is on a slight downhill.

    The speed limit is 60km and a car was beside me. Im not sure of the speed I was doing but it was definitely not over 7km over (most definitely lower than 7km/on the limit). The car beside was a tad faster.

    Now ive never noticed this before, the radar operator first pointed the hair dryer front on (im not sure if it was towards the car or my bike) and afterwards to the back.

    Now the question:
    1) how do these radars take rego numbers since bikes doesnt have front plates?
    2) what happens when two vehicles are going side by side and one is faster?
    3) how far do police normally do the readings. 1km down the road, 500m down the road, 200m, 100m etc?
    4) why would the operator point the radar to the back the vehicles (after the vehicles has passed) if not to issue a fine, to the bike?
    5) a cop car was traveling the opposite direction as I was going from A->B do these guys normally chase any speeders even if its just a few km's over? finally
    6) should I be expecting a letter?

    Would be really bummed if I was fined since I wasnt hooning, dont think was speeding, and knew the area to be a popular hangout for police.......Mav pointed this out as well.

  2. Firstly, hand helds are laser not radar :)

    1. They don't, they only measure speed and distance
    2. The beam of the laser is only 7cm wide (IIRC) at 300m so it's very easy to target an individual car or motorbike. No way you can argue they got the wrong vehicle.
    3. They can be done to over 1km away - they just need to be able to see you. Yours is 350m, that's pretty common, just depends on the road.
    4. to get your speed as you're driving away (in case you speed up after you pass him)
    5. no, not for a few kms over
    6. no, would have pulled you over
  3. My guess is that you were doing a few over and the cop was using discression whether to book you or not. <10km/h is only 1 point and a small fine if your on your full license, not worth pulling over when every 2nd car is doing that. However if you were displaying a P-plate it would be an instant loss of license (not sure if the fine is any more), the cop was probably checking if you had a P plate and if you did he would have pulled you over.
  4. :D

    I've been done at 450 metres after passing an obvious speed trap. I thought I was well out of line-of-sight by that point.

    Wasn't terribly impressed that the cop then got in his car and chased after me at high speed to issue a ticket... for doing 112 in a 100 zone on an utterly empty 3-lane-each-way flat, straight freeway in perfect weather conditions. I was even keeping left the whole time, like the law says to. =D&gt;

    If that policeman ever saw the 110kph two-lane F3 freeway and its hills and winding corners, he'd have an aneurysm.
  5. Thanks Drew, very informative and eases my mind a little bit now. Like ive said, ive never noticed a cop point the gun from behind so assumed the worse.

    I don’t like the sounds of license loss, this sounds a bit tough considering anything under 10km is pretty much a smdige. Would I be right to assume that cops normally chase/stop you in this situation? And isn’t like a fixed camera where they just send you a letter?

    Thanks guys!!!
  6. Thanks smilee, im not exactly experienced in these fields :) and really had a sleepless night because of it (as evidenced by the thread posting). Ive heard previously that any speeding fine = loss of license for a red P plater. I would really be gutted if lost mine, riding the bike is one of the things I look forward to every day.

    The pulling over bit is very refreshing to hear. Kingy has the same thread happening, hopefully hes safe as well.
  7. If he was going to give you a ticket he would have pulled you over. Having said that any cop can pull out his notebook and write down your rego, speed, date, time, place etc and mail you a TIN. It happens quite a lot.

    But the only time that will he done if it's not possible to pull you over at the time due to other priorities. Seeing as he was doing laser at the time he would gave pulled you over if you were going fast enough to warrant a TIN. Relax, you won't be getting a ticket in the mail this time.
  8. Cheers mate, ill try not to get a ticket.....EVER!!!!! ;) but we all know how ludicrous that sounds especially living in the revenue state with trigger happy cameras lol.
    We can close this thread now before anyone says something negative like "dude you’ll get fined for sure".....and turning me once again into a nervous wreck lol.
  9. Also, I'm not sure where the technology is with this with hand held cameras, but they check plates to see if the bikes stollen or out of rego.
  10. Not with hand helds. The ones you are talking about are in-car only as they need to be hooked up to the database to check the rego to see if there are any issues (unreg, stolen etc).
  11. I think you are getting the hand held lasers confused with the ANPR cameras. The ANPR to my knowledge are semi-fixed cameras which will usually be attached to a van with the operator inside. If the camera picks up a questionable plate the operator then radio's the information of the vehicle in question onto Police that will intercept not to far up the road. Usually they will be camped out down some side street or at least out of clear view of traffic.

    I don't beleive these cameras are fully mobile like the radar or lasers fitted to most Police cars.
  12. I thought as much, but it would definately be nice to see this technology in place. It's certainly not beyond our capabilities to design a gun that not only checks speed but reads plates and checks them with a database. I would be much happier to pass a Lidar copper if they were checking for more serious crime such as stolen vehicles at the same time.
  13. There's no reason why they can't be. In the ACT (don't know about other states) there are 3 x mobile hi-vis police cars with this system.
  14. Mate, that's a furphy. Police lasers use infrared light which can not be seen by the human eye. It wasn't a copper, was probably some kid playing silly buggers like you hear on the news shining them into cars or at planes etc.
  15. Drew,
    Hope you're not claiming I'm speaking out of my proverbial ???
    I was there that night and I copped it straight in the face..it really distracted me.
    I saw it....otherwise, I wouldn't have commented. To advise above that it was RED in colour confirms this. Mate, my vision's good.
    It was very distracting, to say the least.
    Perhaps, I just had to be looking at the wrong place at the wrong time :)
  16. Could have been police snipers, or predator. Was it a single laser beam or a triangle?
  17. smileedude,
    You appear 'knowledgeable' (?!) on this subject. Why don't you share your wealth of knowledge for us all......
  18. I have no idea, but I'm betting on some coincidence. If what happened to you was actually part of a police opperation, it would be all over A Current Affairs and Today Tonight like a bad rash. Like you say shining light lasers in drivers eyes is dangerous and as much fun as it is to bag the cops over stupidity I don't believe that they lack that much common sence.

    The police car may have been there because someone had reported lasers being shined in motorists eyes, and the cop car was investigating. Anyway I'm sorry to have teased you, getting lasered in the eyes is a very serious crime to have happened to you and you were lucky not to have crashed because of it.
  19. Mate, all I'm saying is it wasn't police laser (as in speed detection). AFAIK there isn't any police kit which emits a red light which is visible to the human eye - apart from specialist response tactical weapons but that's a different kettle of fish...