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Police pursuit on the putty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Riding on the putty late this afternoon, roads were wet and it was a little misty with faint drissle, not much traffic anyway .

    A couple of blokes riding enduro/trailbikes with no number plates pulled out of a side street causing me to have to run wide , as they pulled out they started doing mono's and one of the riders came up very very close to me on the back wheel, so i thought i'll get out of here , banged it down a few gears overtook a few cars and of i go , i wanted to make sure they were way back. Anyway coasting along i approach a corner and see a hwy patrol car coming the other way, so i slame of the brakes to wash of a few k's i was still speeding as they came past, shit i thought. I slowed right down to limit (100km/h) and about 5 min later in the rear view comes those chook chasers on the bikes . I noticed one of them undertakes a car on the inside on a bend , using the dirt shoulder as his line , i'm thinking he's crazy, and the other bloke overtakes a car on the outside of the bend. By now i could see they were moving as they catch up to me and pass me on my side of the lane :evil: . These guys were riding dangerously. I was getting nervous being near them and thought about overtaking them (but for a split second decision), i decided against it, just let them go i thought.

    Anyway the cars i overtook before caught up and they were flashing their lights at me , and i presumed something was wrong i.e stuff falling out of the rear seatbag or something, anyway i could why , the fashing lights of the highway patrol car is fast approaching (i shit ) , the coppers flew straight past me and were chasing the other blokes up ahead.

    Obviously the chook chasers were speeding trying to catch up and the hwy patrol car have spotted them speeding and the missing plates , i could see by now the coppers approaching the chook chasers but they were nailing it and had no intention of stopping, i'm thinking jezz i'm glad i decided against overtaking them, phew !

    I don't know how it ended or what happened i turned around and went straight home .

    I'm sure the endro riders headed straight into the thick scrub and had a good chuckle, but i hope these wankers get caught.
  2. so let me get this straight, theyre riding like idiots, so u go even faster to get away, instead of let them be idiots and pass everyone and leave u alone.

    they catch up (possibly running from the cops already), pass you, and you consider passing them again, thankfully you didnt....

    maybe you need to think of other methods of avoiding crazy riders... like slow down and let them pass and piss off??

    might mean u dont shit urself next time the cops are behind you with lights blaring...
  3. listen to rob, he speaks wise words. You put yourself in a silly position, with a bad decision. but hey, thats how you learn.
  4. Deadsy
    99sydrd wrote:
    Pursuits against motorbike riders need to be BANNED or engage a helicopter . Sure if its in pursuit of a murderer chase them and sit back and wait til he kills himself, but for mistermeaners and traffic violations come on.

    Stand by that 100% - if the blokes did'nt eventually stop while being chased then call it off especially considering the roads conditions up there today. As i said i turned around pretty quick so they may or maynot have stopped.

    99sydrd wrote:
    What's this shit .My mate is a top bloke ect , yes makes a silly mistake . Yes i agree not the smartest thing he's done but unfortunatly that's how it goes.

    Stand by my mates 100%. 1 accident in 20yrs, insured, licenced and regoed.

    deadsy wrote - 99sydrd wrote:
    i hope these wankers get caught.

    Stand by that 100%, for no other reason than if they had'nt of cut me off , and neally run up my arse , and then neally side swipped me and riding on the road unregoed and unlicenced, cutting cars off ect , i would have wished them well.
  5. Mr Meaners is Mean
  6. Even more worser than Mr Mister (and that's saying something)
  7. wheelies? cool, what model bikes where they riding?
  8. Sorry, my curiosity got the better of me: why did you post this?
  9. I hope they all got away and had steak for dinner.
  10. He would have been setting the scene
  11. I always prefer to have those who chose to ride (or drive) like fools in front of me at a good distance so that I can see them.
  12. I actually meant the entire post.
  13. Fair enough, that makes it clearer.

    I understand, and I have nothing against him. He made a mistake. But as you said sometimes we don't do the smartest thing and that's just how it goes.

    I won't lie. I don't know how I would have reacted in your position. When I was on my Ps I had a similar experience (sort of). I posted a thread and if I remember correctly I copped a little flak from at least one person. Actually I just dug up that thread and had a read. Haha, I was such an idiot. :LOL:
    The thing is though if a police car had blown by me going after the guy I wouldn't have wished for him to get caught.

    Incidentally I may have seen these guys today near Colo Heights on my way home (around 5ish). I also saw a highway patrol car heading up the Putty... but he pulled a u-turn and went after some P plater in a car in front of me.
    Maybe it was Highway Patrol vs Dirtbikes round 2 later on though... :LOL: