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Police pursuing someone without light or sirens

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bigchief, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. I was on Boundary Rd coming towards Pacific Highway the other day - approaching the traffic light, and slowing down as it was red. There was one or two cars infront of me - we're all in the middle lane. Suddenly I hear this mad hooting behind. I look around, and there is a cop in his cop car, hooting away like mad at me...like, 'get the f....out of the way...'

    Now this is what I find interesting - he didn't have his lights flashing or siren going. So to me, I'm not doing anything wrong. Anyway, he shoots past me on the right and then comes to an abrupt halt at the traffic lights, right infront of the car that is at the lights (still no siren or lights).

    Lights turn green, he pulls away like a donkey on speed, turns into the parking space of the Mobil garage...right behind a bloke. Bloke gets out of his car...copper approaches him...starts saying something and pointing to somewhere back there...blah blah blah...

    So obviously he was chasing or trying to catch up with this guy. Question is - if he was in pursuit of someone why not at the very least put his lights on?

    I thought I was perfectly in my right to tell him to get stuffed since he did have his lights or siren on...
  2. the car he was persueing, he ovbiously didnt want the lights on due to the fact he didnt want the car to know he was following,

    that or either some one stole the cop car
  3. You don't ever tell a cop what you think of them, their behaviour has already shown they won't respond well and there's no end of little ways for them to legally make your life hell.
    You record their details (if possible) and make a formal complaint.
    Then internal affairs will pack **** them, whip them within an inch of their lives and drag the cringing result through hot coals.
    Not as immediately satisfying, but far more effective.
  4. Well if he was trying to be subtle....beeping your horn ain't gonna do it - specially when the bloke you're pursuing is standing at the Mobil garage, parked facing the Boundary Rd traffic.

    No, was definitely a cop in the cop car. I saw him get out. And the bloke he was chasing was driving a banger....
  5. Hey Moutaineer,

    Maybe I should have stated that differently. I didn't actually tell him to get stuff as he didn't stop me or pull me over. I was more thinking to myself, for him to 'Get stuffed' since he was beeping his horn at me but didn't have his lights or siren on... sorry for the confusion
  6. Yeah, you were doing nothing wrong.. So what if a copper is behind you? Unless they've got the light show on, there is no reason why you should act differently (apart from slowing down a bit ;) ). Beeping is pretty useless, what are you supposed to do if there are cars in front of you?
  7. As a previous poster stated because he didn't want them to know he was coming.

    I've seen them in action on the Monash. They speed down the on ramps at 150+km p/h with no lights on, then when are right up the pursued cars arse flick them on to get them to pull over. I bet if they turned there lights on right from the very top of the ramp this would give the pursued cars driver a chance to sink the slipper and piss off. The cops aren't *that* stupid.
  8. I would be more than happy for the lights a siren were not on,they come on and so does the in car vidio,and all discresion by the cop is gone,if its on camera your done,if its not on camera you have wiggle room.
  9. When our house was broken into (while we were in it :shock:), we called the cops. They raced out to our house with the lights on but no sirens, then when they got to our street they turned the lights off before approaching the house. It seems like a logical thing to do.
  10. When you all have actually been in the job, then you are qualified to comment on operational aspects of policing.

    From some of the above comments, many of you have no idea..... :roll:
  11. Why don't you enlighten us?
  12. I too would like to be told how all cops are great people who never do any wrong.
  13. Yeh Tweet Please do enlighten us ??? . see i have been around and involved with enough of them to disagree with anyone who tries to tell me how law abiding they are !!!!
  14. A cop doesn't need lights or sirens to tell you to do something. If a cop directs you to do something you have to do it, whether he's got lights and sirens on or not, or for that matter, whether he's even in his car or not!

    That's my understanding.
  15. How is beeping telling you what to do? If there were cars in front of him, wtf is he supposed to do? :p
  16. yeah, 'cause that's what tweet said, isnt it :roll:
  17. At this moment Tweet has said basically nothing, merely that he feels we are unable to pass judgement because we aren't police officers ourselves.
    My answer was merely meant to head off the obvious "Just because there's a few bad apples doesn't mean that all cops are bad.".
    I realise this. As does everyone here.
    That doesn't make it any better when you are face to face with the bad apple.
  18. This thread is nothing to do with whether he's a bad cop or not, but rather about whether his actions were justified, legal and excecuted correctly.

    I love the way everyones an expert on police procedure when they think the cop's done something wrong, but how do any of you know the circumstances surrounding the entire chase, arrest etc?
    Would you all feel so bad getting beeped at if the offender they happened to be able to sneak up on and catch turned out to be a child molester? R#pist? Hit'n'run driver who just mowed down a motorcycle?

    Worry about things that directly effect your life, don't stress about something that happened, that had no residual effect on you. Water under the bridge, you know the cop can do whatever he wants in the pursuit of an offender.

  19. you were being sensationalist.
  20. My comment was directed to Big Chief, not the police officer specifically mentioned in this story.
    If you feel you have been mistreated by a person in authority you should report it, not get in the face of the individual as it won't end well.
    You may note I'm taking a civil tone with you as opposed to ranting about how you fail.
    With the Police, if you make a complaint, it will be investigated.
    If the officer in question was in the right, nothing will come of it.
    This is not a sensationalistic idea. Sensational perhaps.