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VIC Police presence - FYI only

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Captn Spock, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Spotted a police SUV on Saturday afternoon at the kinglake healesville road before the Melba highway.

    Also same day, spotted a copper on a white BMW at the bottom of chum creek road. (in the 100 zone)

    Bth vehicles were part of epping highway patrol..

    Just FYI for members here to be careful on the straights in this area.
  2. As far as I know they will only book you if you are breaking the law.
  3. Being law abiding doesn't stop them from pulling you over for a licence/rego/breath test.
  4. I went for a short ride to Warburton Saturday and as I didn't see any other bikes I thought it was safe to continue on the run to Reefton and Kinglake etc. Not a single bike on Reefton, not 1 on Black Spur, maybe I was just there at the wrong time??
    Get into Healesville and marked bike at the wayside stop where he normally sits. I went past at 55 suspecting they'd be there anyway.
    Sure enough he followed me down to the servo. Licence rego check etc. He was a nice bloke too. Went over the bike, lucky I only had the RGV. All good, went on my merry way.
  5. Which is the problem
    Because they should only be booking people who are doing something unsafe.
    And those are often quite different things.
  6. and if you rego is up to date, your licence is in order and you haven't been on the piss you are good to go.
  7. Unless you've got a fender eliminator or a loud pipe.
  8. and are they legal ? I will refer to the comment "As far as I know they will only book you if you are breaking the law'
    i just added to it.
  9. Chasing people down just to check their license and rego is so inefficient given the amount of modern electrickery in vehicles these days.
    It's enough to make me think it's a passive-aggressive move to discourage people from pouring money into fire-ravaged communities; at least that's how I'd be putting it to shopkeepers and bar staff in said communities...
  10. Not if the copper has the shits and decides to defect your bike for no other reason than to be an arsehole.

    And yes it does happen.
  11. Is it ok for you to have pissed, unlicenced and unregistered drivers on the road?

    I know I dont like that, and I am happy to be stopped and checked to ensure that these drivers/riders are taken off the roads thanks.
  12. And after you've shown that your licence is current, your bike is registered and you're sober and drug free, they do a check on your bike. They can't find anything technically wrong, so they defect your bike for something stupid or actually isn't defective, for no other reason than to be arseholes.

    Ok they may not book you, but now you have to take your bike to a mechanic to get a roadworthy, then take it to the RTA, Vic Roads etc to get the defect cleared.

    So now they haven't just wasted your time on the side of the road they've wasted your time and money after your ride.
  13. what does he do in that instance when defining the defect on the notice? I am sure he doesn't write "cos i'm an arsehole"

    are you saying bikes get defect notices when there is absoluterly 100% nothing wrong with them.

    I wonder what the VicRoads, RTA, DoT stats are for that. Bikes being brought in for defect notices when nothing is wrong.
  14. that is exactly what I'm saying. I've even had coppers tell that they've done it. I don't know what the defect sticker notice says these days but it used to read "In the issueing officers opinion......."

    So it's only his or her opinion that the vehicle is defective. It is now up to you to get it checked and cleared. A cost of your time and money for no other reason than the copper was being a prick.
  15. Probably quite high Mick, given a smart man keeps his original fender and pipe for just such an occasion...
  16. So how do you feel about police selectively pulling over every bike, compliant or not, and letting every driver go through without a check? You okay with that?

    It doesn't happen that way every time, or with every cop, but it does sometimes.
  17. Geez. I knew this thread would go off on a tangent like this. Hence the title of my thread was FYI only. It is only something to be aware of if you ride these roads regularly. I know I would appreciate a tip like that.

    Lets not get condescending by saying "if you aren't breaking the law you should be fine". We all understand that..
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  18. It's posts like these from the uninformed ignorant and beige that raises so much derision from other forums

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
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  19. It happens.

    Someone was done here by SA police on a standard MV, according to the officer there was no way the fender was ADR approved and defected the bike even though it was standard. This happened on a ducati owners club run here last month and the rider was doing nothing to be singled out.
  20. ](*,)

    That is all
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