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VIC Police plan 24-hour patrols to stop dangerous driving on freeways

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, May 1, 2012.

  1. You have been warned fellas.....



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  2. At least they are clear about it.
  3. "The public have requested more attention on the freeway systems," Sen-Sgt Elston told the Waverley Leader.

    Prove it.
  4. F*ck yes. I just bought a coffee & donut stand :)
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  5. How do these people become journalists? What the **** is this sentence?
  6. fuck. does that mean i have to do 80km/h... anyone have experience with them booking for doing 90 or 100 on the monash? it's fairly common to do that speed, and i always thought they showed some leniency because 80km/h is absurd

    lol serious, what does that mean? no splitting/filtering?
  7. Quality control in journalism is dead, and is mostly the fault of parents and the educational system.

    If a kid cannot correctly use your/you're/yore, their/there/they're, break/brake and so forth correctly by a certain age, said kid needs to stop being allowed to advance in school until it either gets the usage right, or quits school.

    When this happens, parents need to start preparing the kid for the fact that the world still needs janitors.
  8. Stopping kids from advancing up through the years is Discrimination,

    So a Kid ends up in year twelve that cant read or write,

    The system is stuffed,

    Janitor be stuffed, The Dole pays more,
  9. …and advancing people that are not ready for advancement means that the teacher has to spend more time with them that would be better spent on the kids who aren't holding everyone else back. Not everyone gets to be a winner.

    Feel-good political correctness will be the death of civilisation. Being an attractive moron is cause for celebration and your own TV show, and being intelligent and good at something besides sports or acting isn't something people aspire to anymore.

    When I was at university, I was absolutely appalled at how many people were lacking in basic language and math skills that should have been perfected by year 7 or 8. Some of those people are now teachers, which is just as insane as the fact that we let the current generation of awful drivers supervise the next generation of awful drivers.

    Regarding dole vs scut work, you are unfortunately correct. When the government props everyone up, it lowers the incentive not to be useless because the useless people do less work for more money.
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  10. My cousin came over from Germany last year and said the government must be retarded. He said the freeways in Australia were larger, better and looked safer than the Autobahn, yet speed limit is much slower (not all parts of the Autobahn is unlimited speeds)...goes on to say, what a waste of space and money. Then he noticed the stupidity of drivers in Australia after a month of being here and realised the roads were built for the capability of the average driver HAHA.

    I think 80km/hr isn't too bad on the Monash during peak hours...after peak hours, 100km/hr should be the limit. During peak hours you can't even get up to 40km/hr, let alone 80km/hr.
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  11. Most of that is due to the joke of a training/licencing system here.

    Also, here's a fun game: If you were to find the absolutely centered most-average person in Australia, half the population would be stupider than that person.

  12. Ta, I always wondered what Sheeple meant, Hahahahaha
  13. Even if filtering is legitimised, splitting wont be.
  14. I'd rather have a visible police presence than stealth cameras. People who continue to break the laws and/or drive dangerously while in the presence of a marked (or even unmarked - they're not that hard to spot) car shouldn't be on the road. They are either too stupid or too blind to be allowed behind the wheel
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  15. The bit in bold ... the way i read it is you can't overtake if you're a motorbike?

    seems legit.

    I'm sure they meant to write, people filtering/splitting between a lane.. it is not just a car lane it is a truck,motorbike,scooter lane.
    If they want to make highways with separate lanes for different vehicles.. such as a lane just for motorbikes, and a lane just for trucks, and a lane just for cars.. i think we'd be more safer :)
  16. bigger concern during peak hour would be if they were booking for splitting or filtering. a NR recently got done for that. anyway, my schedule usually avoids the peak hour carpark.. 80km/h is insulting and painful..
  17. They've already done this in Sydney. There was an article recently about them adding 30 new hwps to enforce 6 major roads in Sydney. I've noticed my local motorway M2 has atleast one unit on it at all times now. It's only like 20km long too.
  18. mate, the cops hide/wait on the on ramps and fly out when they see someone over the limit. i've seen them do that to a guy right in front of me. the coppa was waiting for his prey on this onramp, which happens to be right after the speed limit drop from 100 to 80.
  19. Wasted opportunity to point out that not keeping left is what causes road rage/traffic flow problems. I wonder what % of accidents are on freeways..
  20. Rob

    Lay on aw this morning said no difference between the two and are BOTH illegal and scares everyone when we do it....