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WA Police place ban on high speed pursuit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Takamii, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. I for one believe pursuits should be legislated out of existence completely across the nation.

    To have the police not liable for death damage and injury is handing them a free ride to be murderers in their own right with no fear of repercussion

    In out modern age with helicopters road spikes radios and a plethora of available surveillance equipment the police do not need to make that arrest in the first 30 seconds

    If the police are not held liable believe it it will just make elements of them more gung ho as well as then encourage the offenders to take bigger risks as the police will not give up the chase.

    I keep comming back t thinking of that toss bag in Melbourne chasing the CBR on that police show and how the real footage showed he was hoping the rider would do a wheelie or run or something like that -- a cowboy like that officer is a disgrace to the uniform

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  2. "West Australian police have voted to ban all high-speed car chases unless the government passes laws to protect them from prosecution in the event of death or injury."

    Problem solved. The cops pledged not to engage in dangerous and unlawful behaviour of their own volition.
  3. In some cases the police know who the perps are and where they live, why chase. It's just a game for the cowboys and 1 innocent losing their life is not worth a chase for a stolen car or a few dollars. plus it would stop the BS line that "we terminated the chase before the accident"
  4. My comments here should be considered as all tongue-in-cheek.

    They are just bluffing.
    They would never seriously consider banning high-speed chases.
    If they took out the hollywood styled cops and robbers theme, what would they be left with.
    They would be left with a tough job, that gets very little real respect.
    Now how are they going to attract new recruits to that?
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  5. I don't see how they could be protected from prosecution any more than they already are. Any shelter from liability can only arise from doing their duty, and that only applies if they follow procedure and only do things they are authorized to do. The point is, no State government will openly authorize its cops to drive dangerously.

    So the act of driving dangerously would negate whatever shelter from prosecution the cops hide behind.
  6. I think it's easier for them to prove who was the driver / rider if they catch you.
  7. This can only be good for riders, albeit the bad ones. If they can't engage in a high speed chase, all a 'spirited' rider needs to do is hit high speeds on the tarmac with a fake/no plate showing.

    I can't see this actually happening, as it'd be too easy to do whatever you want on the road. That being said two hooning idiots doesn't make a right, as soon as a chase becomes a significant danger to ANYONE it should be called off, helicopters and all.

    It's simply not worth it, just my 2c.
  8. There's problems with all those options though. That, and I'm certain it'd be a lot easier to present a brief to the court having dragged the suspect out of the car...
  9. I guess my keyword significant is rather subjective. I mean if a chase becomes less safe than letting a person continue using the road in the way they originally were.

    Someone who notices a helicopter following them is still going to feel chased, and will still act without proper thought, often to their own peril.

    If you have their plates there is IMO no good reason to persue at all, and little benifeit even with a stolen or plateless vehicle.
    And starting a pursuit with a vehicle for something like a ticket, suspension, etc etc is just plain bullshit.

    'Everything posted here is subjective opinion, and not objective factual information.'

    Human life is worth more than catching the 'bad' guys.
  10. What if it's not them driving? What if it is, and they turn around and say to the court that their wife, who is also their cousin, has him placed at home at the time of the pursuit and brushing his tooth? What if the person is en route to commit another offence? Or has an unwilling party on board?

    While I completely understand critcisms of pursuits, I think some people can view it quite simplistically. From both the pro and and anti pursuit angles.
  11. Did you really just compare a kidnapping to a attempted routine stop turned tragedy. I guess all I want is for pursuits to be the exception, not the rule.

    But as I said earlier I don't think it's possible, as a blanket ban of High speed pursuits would results in ever second hooligan taking their plates off when they want to go for a spin.
  12. Er... No?
  13. That's interesting Justus - I'd assumed that you'd be more aware of a helicopter further away. But then I suppose you'd be more inclined to see it.

    There you go.
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    Ive had a tour of an air unit.
    They buy the police choppers (not the big showy rescue one)
    As it can sit 2 km up. And be invisible to the eye. As well as silent. Using the flir to track the suspect
  15. I dunno, I've always kind of boiled it down to one question

    Do you want police at all?

    Because if you want them to back off on chases because it's too dangerous, as others have said, you just end up with people doing whatever the hell they like on the road. If you follow that chain of reasoning, cops shouldn't do anything at all, because there's always some risk in whatever they're doing. Let them rob the bank, high chance of stray shots etc.

    That said, I fully support mandatory levels of defensive driving competency and all that, whatever it takes to make the pursuits as safe as possible, but calling them off altogether? You just end up with the wild west
  16. Police has their job to do and teenagers have their fun to perform therefore police should not be stopped or else the lawlessness will prevail like never before and

    what is meant by this? should riders be allowed to screech the roads?
  17. I dont know what they are on about they have had legal protection from vehicular manslaughter for ages as far as i can tell.
  18. So they should be held responsible, if their action causes death. Same as a Army fella fighting in a far away land can be charged for murder. The CAN BE should aways be there otherwise there is no control. Just my 2c worth

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