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Police on Putty in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Prawns, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Got a police scanner here, and to quote "Were having a field day here with bikes just north of the halfway house"
    So if your about to do putty road, keep this in mind guys

  2. Yep folks, it's called "Operation Sportsbike" and it's running for the next month. Don't say you weren't warned.....
  3. But the ole MZ she ain't no sports bike. So their radar will not pick me up. :p
  4. At least two unmarked cars (late model Commodores with frangipani stickers in the rear window...how quaint :LOL:) , one 'marked' patrol car, and supposedly a few unmarked bikes (can't confirm...maybe the BMWs?) swarming all over 10 mile trying to bait riders into overtaking over double lines. Pretty glad I always take it easy and stay on or below the speed limit! :eek: Of the riders we talked to, the only confirmed catch was a poor girl on a CBR125R. Hoooooooooon bike!!!! :rofl:
  5. Just got back from the Putty. Operation sportsbike is correct. for anyone intending to head up, this is what to watch out for!!

    A) Ochre (Orange) VE Commodore (unmarked) with (FRANGAPANI FLOWER STICKER ON REARWINDOW) :rofl:

    8) Silver VZ Commodore (unmarked) AGAIN with FRANGAPANI FLOWER STICKER ON REAR WINDOW) :rofl: :-$

    C) HIGHWAY PATROL (Marked FORD XR8) - can't miss him.

    some other guys allege there were two cops on old BMW Bikes (UNMARKED) in red draggin jeans who were in radio contact with the highway patrol (unconfirmed) but apparently this guys GF went around them(over double yellows) as they go bloody slow and the highway patrol got her for crossing unbroken lines.

    we noticed the unmarked cars fo really slow and jumpon the brakesto try and frustrate you into passing over double lines DON'T!!!!! [-X

    You have been warned.............................................
  6. Glad they weren't there in 1974 :roll: :-w :LOL:
  7. So far their biggest pinch has been a guy in a Nissan Patrol 4WD doing 160 in the 100 zone in Garland Valley. The bikes have been pretty well behaved from what I've been hearing. If we keep that up it might make it hard for them to justify future operations targeting bikes. :wink:
  8. Oh noes, people are going fast on a 20km straight with full visibility? zomg thats so dangerous!!!

    Shame we don't have any entrapment laws...
  9. that 20km 'straight', as you put it, is anything but straight, and is unfenced for its entire length, through country that is infested with all sorts of native wildlife, AND cattle, some of which are, er, quite big. Please, be my guest at any speed you like, but don't complain to me about the consequences :roll:.
  10. :LOL: Nice sports bikes those Patrols? :p

    ...but good work then! :) Stopped on the side of the road during the last few km of 10 Mile, we witnessed some absolutely shocking driving...the worst was a few cages spending all the time before a blind corner/crest sitting in the wrong lane to overtake a camper van :( I know the racer kids like to bin their bikes on the Putty, but this is much, much worse...anything taking that corner in the opposite direction, no matter how slowly, would have been smashed to pieces.
  11. Well guy's yes it is true,

    They are up there and they are from the Hawksbury/Hunter Valley Division Patrol, Hubby found out the hard way, he got done just coming into Milbrodale, just before the 80k's zone (lucky) on saturday morning :. I will not incrimate him by saying what speed he was doing, but they let him off very lightly. :shock:

    He will confirm that this is one of commodore's
    "Silver VZ Commodore (unmarked) AGAIN with FRANGAPANI FLOWER STICKER ON REAR WINDOW "

    So anyway he had a very slow trip back home the putty! :(
    Cheers Lou
  12. It bears repeating; if possible, DON'T ride these sorts of roads on the weekend.

    {Yes I know, that's the only time lots of people get off, but that's also the time when lots of riders are expected to be out....}
  13. :LOL: frangapani stickers! oh, my sides hurt! LOL

    when the popo are done up there, they should come down to the Natio.
  14. I did the putty for the first time yesterday, I was told by a few guys about the cops..... I all saw were two patrol cars. Didn't see any of the unmarked ones.
  15. p.s. your tickets in the mail :)
  16. damn, i hadnt been for a ride up putty rd and was considering doing it soon, maybe will wait a little longer, but then again im actually pretty law abiding anyway, so should be ok.

    went up old pacific to peats ridge and back down to wisemans on sunday, didnt see a single cop all day which was surprising though. (or didnt see a marked one at least)
  17. Is this operation over yet?? Was thinking of going for a run up there this weekend :?
  18. +1 wondering

  19. I believe it is over.
    That said, I'm sure if the weekend weather is good, the highway cars will be flying the flag
  20. oh poor putty, can't wait to get back up there to give that road another crack.....and yes even though it's not completely straight, speed over the 100km/hr are possible (so i have been informed)