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VIC Police on motorists side temporarily

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Freeform, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Just watched an interesting article on the news,
    It basically states that the police force are after a pay rise which they feel they deserve considering the amount of money they raise for the government from blatant revenue raising.
    So over the next few days/weeks/whatever apparently they are using police bikes and patrol cars to warn drivers of nearby speed cameras and are refusing to process all (or a certain amount) of fines until they get what they want.

    Hooray for complete undermining of the 'safety' campaigns and endorsing speeding all for the wonderful cause of MONEY :D

    How ironic?
  2. I feel safer already.
  3. be interesting to see what happens when the crash stats for that time frame are unchanged...wonder what their argument will be then
  4. Whats the hooray? All it means is that police are willing to carry out whatever unethical but legalised mandate as long as theyre compensated sufficiently. We already knew this surely?
  5. What a corrupt world we live in !
    So they'll 'help' us for their gain...when their gain is achieved/satisfied, it's back to 'business' again..hmmmm....
  6. Complain about police doing their job, complain about police Not doing their job, complain about police when they try and stop you getting booked,
    Some of you people are never happy..

    Its a bastard of a job and I'm glad I dont have to do it.

    But I am glad someone else does.
  7. Apologise for people when they shaft you. Apologise for people who don't get paid enough to shaft you. Apologise for them for shafting you again when they finally get paid enough to put their dignity aside to shaft you.

    Some of you people are pathetic.

    The number of people on here who apologise for those who shaft us, and would willingly the giving up social and political freedoms for the sake of a miniscule amount of safety sickens me.

    Be a bunch of good little socially engineered robots. Don't rebel. Don't complain. Be thankful the government is shafting you. Pay taxes. Continue to vote for a system that is so corrupt and no longer working, and continue to apologise for it. Good little mindless robots.
  8. I think this just tells us what the regular working plod really thinks about the corrupt road safety regime
    I specifically exclude the ambitious, empire-building senior executive who call the shots, and who are our real nemesis.
  9. Destroy the system, not the people.
  10. Multiple reports on radio news this morning of marked cars sitting in advance of private contractor camera cars (and even on-duty police ) and 'flashing' a warning to motorists.
  11. So has anyone seen cops actually doing this....?
  12. Looks like it's just so that they don't actually have to do their real job.

    Either speed camera's are good or they're bad. They shouldn't be good depending on whether you get $yxyx pay for it. This sounds like extortion to me.
  13. it's an open admission by the rank and file that speed cameras are about revenue not road safety.
  14. Callers on ABC AM radio talkback reported several, and an ABC reporter said he had seen at least two himself.

    According to a spokesperson (missed the attribution), this is being done in their own time. Dunno why/how they would have a marked car though.

    It certainly is a form of extortion, but it also tells us what they really think about cameras.
  15. Some cops pretty much have their own car. There's often one parked in my street at night - HWP so might be a bit different.
  16. I went past a camera car in geelong today. no cops around.. No I wasnt speeding I knew he was there..
  17. Yet another example of "do what I say not what I do"

    I hate speed cameras and their push as the be all and end all of road safety policy, however what pisses me off even more are the police who are parking up in front of camera's with the lights going...

    If I took it upon myself to park in front of a camera car or patrol car with a radar gun hanging out the window, an make myself a nice cardboard sign with "Greed Camera Ahead" I could guarantee a fine if not arrest and would undoubtedly receive a sanctimonious lecture on how "speed kills" and how it's all for our own benefit. Save the children etc...

    My how things change when the swines want a few more $$$ in their own personal troughs. Some people here wonder why people have zero respect for the police or the "speed kills" mantra emanating from them. If you don't get it now you never will, they look out for themselves, always have, always will. If that means making the government squirm while they lose speed camera revenue then so be it, once the government so addicted to the "road safety" cash cow see's how much revenue they have lost a quiet backroom paydeal will be done...and how do you think they will pay for it...more cameras, more fines, more draconian enforcement!

    Double standard much