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WA Police officer found to be "hooning" performing traffic escort duties

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. The hoon law is so blind that it was applied while an officer was carrying out their duty... and now there's an investigation into the officer.

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    Police allegedly caught hooning
    30 Nov, 2011 08:56 AM

    THREE South-West police officers are under investigation for allegedly speeding during a police escort on the weekend, with one allegedly caught at more than 45km/h the legal limit.

    The three separate incidents occurred on Bussell Highway, Margaret River on Saturday night.

    A Sergeant, Senior Constable and First-Class Constable were conducting traffic escort duties in relation to the Cold Chisel concert at Sandalford Estate.

    Acting Sergeant Naomi Smith said the escort was being carried out for safety reasons and was sanctioned with consideration to the influx of people to the region for the concert, Leavers Week and the Margaret River fire.

    “Three images downloaded from the camera depict the officers speeding during the escort about 3.05pm,” Acting-Sergeant Smith said.

    “The vehicles involved include a motorcycle and two vehicles.”

    The motorcycle’s alleged speed of more than 45km/h over the posted limit is considered a hoon offence by police prompting a vehicle seizure process.

    However according to Acting-Sergeant Smith because the Senior Constable does not own a vehicle an alternative vehicle surrender notice was issued and then cancelled. The motorcycle was also seized and then released. The South West District Office is investigating the officers’ actions during the escort
  2. Looks like the standard of journalism down there isn't any better than up here.
  3. Why aren't they dead?
  4. i would love to have seen this,
  5. It is in WA, not SA. It is all over the radio here. Jimmy Barnes got a 'special' escort through the crowds. It appears one bike was more than 45 over, and the other 2 were over the limit, but not more than 45 over.

    What I really want to know is, does this bike get impounded for 28 days, and then cost a small fortune to get back at the end?
  6. Cool, fixed the title...

    What is WA's hoon law then? Is it a 28day confiscation?
  7. From memory, 28 days loss of vehicle, and loss of licence immediately for a period of time, but not certain. I will check up and let you know.
  8. Not sure if WA has it but the eastern states have a bi law that exempts people who in the course of their duties have to exceed the speed limit by more than 40kmp/h are exempt from facing hoon laws from speeding.
    I will have to find it and see if it includes off duty. But these guys were on duty.
    Personally I think it's waste of ink and if I was at the concert I would want the lead singer there on time.
    If I was on the bike it would have been a lot more.
    Now I know why tigers eat their young
  9. From: http://www.police.wa.gov.au/Antisocialbehaviour/Reportinghoons/Impoundedhoonvehicles/tabid/1570/Default.aspx

    Note that 45km/h over the limit has been designated as reckless driving.
  10. Escorting a singer to a concert? Great use of police resources.
  11. I didnt even know these laws could be used against officers on duty.

    Mainly because there wouldnt be much of an automotive fleet left if officers were charged with "hoon" offences.
  12. We have had a number of police charged with offences over the last couple of years. If they are speeding in the course of their job then it is OK, but it has to be justifiable. I would suggest that this was probably not justifiable in the eyes of the commisioner Karl O'Callaghan.

    We had a couple of officers get charged because they cooked up a story to avoid a 75 dollar fine (no demerit points) for being less than 10 k's over the limit. They both lost their jobs.

    There has been a real effort to clean up the WA cops in this respect. Compared to when I lived in Victoria about 10 years ago, you don't see cops speeding to get to Macca's for lunch, or just expecting to be above the law.

  13. If you cant have fun. Why would you be one then. You can only shoot so many...lol

  14. Except when they decide that waiting for red lights is for the little people, following at safe distances is boring, and turn signals are for pussies.
  15. Good to see they're not being treated as above the law, no matter how reasonable or unreasonable the law is. If their speeding wasn't justifiable, then they should cop it like the rest of us. It's a reminder to the arrogant ones - who will only listen to external threats.
  16. That's Middo's point. None of that shit seems to happen much over here these days.
  17. Oh whoops, I misread. Yeah, WA people are lucky in that respect.
  18. If only the police up here were in any way reasonable at driving. I have had the speed camera van follow me less than 5 metres behind for more than a kilometre in road works and often used to see them taking off from the station at least 20k over the limit still fixing their hair and makeup. Usually when there is only one in the car though.
  19. We are also in a position where, as long as you aren't actually caught standing over the victim with the dripping murder weapon in your hand, you will almost certainly get away with it. Shame about the random mentally ill individual who will go down for it but I guess it's cheaper than putting them in hospital.
  20. Except that all it really means is that more tax money is wasted on impounding police vehicles. Stupid.